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Quiet Luxury’s “Buy Better, but Less” Philosophy Shows Staying Power


Quiet luxury—the jewelry, clothing, and home trend that emphasizes high-quality, timeless design that exudes affluence—continues to hold people’s interest into the fall for good reason, says jewelry designer Gina Love.

The Auvere designer and cofounder says this idea of “stealth wealth” comes as people are feeling the impact of higher inflation, economic uncertainty, and climate change: Quiet luxury gives consumers a sense that their purchases are more sustainable.

“Buy better, but less,” Love says. “The simpler the aesthetic, the more timeless it will be.”

Quiet luxury started to trend in the spring, when HBO’s critically acclaimed drama Succession aired its final season. Shiv Roy’s apparel looked expensive yet was hard to categorize in terms of brands, giving rise to the idea that wearing your wealth is acceptable if you do it with a subtle touch like Shiv.

quiet luxury Auvere
Auvere’s diamond cone threader earrings ($1,300) are simple yet timeless, and therefore ideal for exhibiting “quiet luxury,” says brand cofounder/designer Gina Love. 

Love says she was raised with a similar philosophy: Her parents invested in well-made pieces and kept them for the long term.

“They are Jamaican and grew up in a place and a time where there were less disposable items available for consumption,” Love says. “They both received many things, mainly furniture and rugs, from previous generations and have passed items from my grandmother and great-grandmother down to us. That was their mindset—and probably the reason they love antiques so much.”

Love says her Auvere jewelry and her personal approach to what she wears follow that same “buy well and take of it” mentality.

“Noble metals such as gold and silver are indestructible. Thus, jewelry crafted from high-karat gold and silver last forever and may be handed down from one generation to the next,” Love says. “The more gold in your jewelry, the finer it is. The finer your jewelry, the more likely you are to consider it to be a financial asset as well as a nostalgic piece imbued with memories and family history.”

Above and below, see a few examples of quiet luxury from Love and other jewelers—pieces that can be worn through fall, into 2024, and perhaps by a later generation.

Tresore Hulchi Belluni
Hulchi Belluni’s gold-and-diamond heart earrings ($6,278) and expandable bracelets (starting at $1,748) worn by the woman on the left are from its Tresore collection. (Photo courtesy of Hulchi Belluni)
Open Sea KBM
This version of the Cordelia necklace ($14,775) from Kismet by Milka’s Open Sea collection features blue sapphire stones. (Photo courtesy of Kismet by Milka)
Auvere ring
The Auvere Praying Mantis diamond ring ($3,900) is made from 22k gold and has three curved bands studded with pavé diamonds. 

Top: Auvere’s Indomitable medallion ($2,400) is a quality piece that fits into the quiet luxury trend, which Auvere cofounder Gina Love says will continue well into the fall. (Top two and last photos courtesy of Auvere)

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