Pyrrha Bows New Fine Jewelry Collection

If your jewelry brand nails the gifting category with personal charms, pendants, and rings imbued with symbolism and sentiment, adding a fine jewelry component doesn’t make your line any less giftable.

But generally your stock, as they say, will go up.

As discussed during JA New York’s The Big Pitch, your product may be perceived as more substantive and prestigious. Less trinkety, more like genuine treasure.

And this will almost certainly be the case in response to Pyrrha’s new fine jewelry line, which launched at JCK Las Vegas this year. The well-established, Vancouver, B.C.–based brand is best known for handcrafting talisman and charm jewelry from authentic wax seals while borrowing symbolic motifs and imagery from the Victorian era. The cool factor is undeniable, especially given Pyrrha’s recent collaboration with Paul Smith and the fact that talismans and amulets have been identified as a huge trend in the fine jewelry space.

Pyrrha martlet and heart black diamond necklace
Chain with black diamonds in 14k gold and Integrity talisman, $2,064

The fine collection doesn’t stray far from this aesthetic but aligns perfectly with a look that’s very now—rustic, perfectly imperfect metalsmithing paired with Montana sapphires or murky, moody brown, gray, or black diamonds.

Pyrrha 14k Montana sapphire bangle
Polished 14k gold bangle with Montana sapphire, $672
Pyrrha 14k gold brown diamond ring
Talisman ring with faceted brown rustic diamond in 14k gold, $1,003

In other words, codesigners Danielle and Wade Papin were smart to respond to feedback from their retailers with 51 designs wrought in 100 percent reclaimed 14k gold and accented with ethically sourced precious stones, diamonds, and pearls.

“The new collection continues to challenge what people typically consider fine jewelry—we wanted to design pieces that are rich in character, create connection, and elicit conversation,” Wade Papin said in a statement.

In addition to the gems and precious metals, a black ceramic design element distinguishes several of the talismans. The subtlety of messaging will appeal to many customers—a unicorn harnesses the power to heal, while the Three Graces pendant, fittingly hung from a strand of pearls, embodies the ideals of beauty and femininity.

The Never Look Back talisman, which displays the words in French below a milagro, could offer support to someone who’s endured a #MeToo situation or other life challenge.

See more from the collection below.

Pyrrha 14k black diamond wide band
Wide textured band with black diamond in 14k gold, $1,137
Pyrrha 14k Direction pendant
 Direction talisman necklace in 14k gold, $526
Pyrrha Power to Heal pendant
 Power to Heal talisman necklace in 14k gold, $2,884


Pyrrha 14k Improvement capped bangle
Improvement open bangle with moonstone end caps in 14k gold, $744
Pyrrha 14k ruby talisman pendant
Talisman necklace with faceted ruby in 14k gold, $682
Pyrrha 14k Never Look Back necklace
Never Look Back talisman necklace in 14k gold, $667
Pyrrha 14k rose talisman pearl bracelet
Dove gray pearl bracelet with 14k gold rose charm, $319
Pyrrha three graces pearl necklace
Three Graces talisman in 14k gold on dove gray pearl necklace, $865


Top: Talisman necklaces in 14k gold, $288–$526 each; 14k gold stacking bands, $825–$1,137 each; signet rings, $627–$698 each.


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