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The Jewelry District, Episode 50: JCK Las Vegas, Tiffany, and Rolex


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You’ll hear JCK editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky and news director Rob Bates talk about the new Tiffany campaign, Rolex, and diamond tracking systems.

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Show Notes
00:51 The JCK Show is coming up, and Rob and Victoria excitedly wonder how it will go.
05:36 Rob talks about how Tiffany & Co.’s new campaign is ruffling some feathers.
11:50 Rolex has increased market share over the course of the pandemic, and the JCK editors talk about the brand.
17:46 Alrosa came out with nanotechnology to track its diamonds. Rob explores the technology’s applications.

Episode Credits
Hosts: Rob Bates and Victoria Gomelsky
Producer and engineer: Natalie Chomet
Plugs: JCK Show,

Show Recap

The JCK Show

Victoria and Rob talk a little bit about the JCK Show coming up later this month. They both have been making appointments, and Rob will be on a panel. Victoria thinks this will be a very different Vegas than what we’re used to, but she says it’ll be a very special one as we all come back together for the first time.

Not Your Mother’s Tiffany

Rob recently wrote about Tiffany & Co.’s new campaign, which has been a bit controversial. Some are attributing the company’s new campaign slogan, “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany,” to 29-year-old Alexandre Arnault, who oversees the brand’s communications. He’s the son of Bernard Arnault, LMVH chairman. Rob says Alexandre is trying to “hip up” the brand—but wonders if the new campaign is too cheeky. Some mothers are offended by the campaign, as it dates the Tiffany they know. Victoria brings up the Mercedes Benz campaign featuring Janis Joplin that isolated its core consumer but ended up working well for the brand.

Rolex, Unsurprisingly, Stays on the Rise

Victoria pivots to talking about the watch industry, specifically Rolex. The brand has gained market share over the course of the pandemic. Victoria spoke to a fellow editor in the watch space, who said that other watch companies looking to gain market share shouldn’t compare themselves to Rolex: “We all live on planet watchmaking, but they’re on planet Rolex.” Victoria brings up the brand since Tourneau has recently opened up an adjoining Tudor–Rolex boutique in New York City’s Meatpacking District.

New Diamond Tracking Technology

Rob talks about tracking diamonds through the supply chain. Alrosa just came out with a system that uses nanotechnology on the gems’ molecular structure to track its diamonds. Rob mentions that some people are concerned about hacking and security. However, this technology should be able to bring more transparency to the industry when it comes to origin, traceability, and trackability. But Alrosa’s tracking technology doesn’t just have to be about tracking where diamonds came from. It may also be useful for those wanting to track their diamonds if they happen to be stolen, so there are plenty of uses for this tech.

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