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Platinum Born Jewelry Makes Precious Luxury Accessible


Before you is a jewelry line so perfectly festive, it would only be appropriate to call it a holiday must-have. Its range of styles seems to take the best bits of holiday scenery into jewelry form—the shimmer of a sequined dress, the glistening of tinsel, the shine of metallic ornaments.

It’s not difficult for jewelry to sparkle, that’s often what it does best. But what is so remarkable about the jewelry from Platinum Born is that its shine comes not from gemstones or diamonds but from its metal—platinum.

So often we think of platinum and we feel its weightiness, a luxury that comes with one-of-a-kind pieces and wedding jewels—qualities to love about the metal. But Platinum Born’s pieces are airy, accessible, and made for everyday styles that have altered our expectations of platinum (in a good way).

Below, the brand talks about its design process, why platinum is its metal of choice, and why designers aren’t doing more with it.

Platinum Born Limitless ring
Limitless 7-row ring in platinum, $1,050
Platinum Born Northern Lights necklace
Northern Lights necklace in platinum, $2,700
Platinum Born Tapestry necklace
Tapestry necklace in platinum, $6,600

It feels rare to see such airy jewelry made in platinum—can you talk a little bit about the way these are designed? 

These pieces are designed with the modern woman in mind. From morning yoga to business meetings to nights out with friends, the collection needed to be as versatile as the women who wear it. Each piece of Platinum Born was designed for utmost wearability, to ensure they become integral parts of a woman’s wardrobe, not to be left in the vault for special occasions. Platinum’s ductility and malleability make it easy to create these delicate, airy designs. Platinum’s natural durability ensures the pieces will wear well with time, never tarnishing.

Platinum Born Radiance earrings
Radiance double drop earrings in platinum, $1,700
Platinum Born Limitless earrings
Limitless drop earrings in platinum, $1,200

Can you describe how it feels to be worn? The earrings especially—are they heavy?

The majority of pieces in the collection feel like a second skin when worn. This is especially true of the earrings, which are light, comfortable, and meant to be worn on a daily basis. Some of the pieces, such as the statement-making Tapestry necklace, have a beautiful weight to them, allowing the wearer to feel the luxurious nature of platinum.

Platinum Born Infinity pendant
Infinity pendant in platinum, $1,150

Why platinum? Is it easier or more difficult to work with in creations like these? 

We chose platinum for this fashion-forward fine jewelry collection because it had never been done before. A collection like this simply did not exist in the marketplace. It is as rare as the materials from which it is made.

For many consumers, platinum is used for bridal jewelry or high jewelry, with very little available in between. We felt it was an ideal time to introduce consumers to a collection of pieces made from the world’s most precious metal, intended to be worn every day. Experienced platinumsmiths will tell you that it’s not more difficult to work with platinum, it’s just different.  They’ll also tell you that when given the choice, they’ll choose platinum over any other material.

Platinum Born Limitless Loop bracelet
Limitless Loop bracelet in platinum, $2,900

Why do you think there isn’t more jewelry like this on the market? Most fashion styles are crafted in gold or silver, especially with a similar aesthetic. What’s keeping designers from creating with more platinum? 

Designers who are not experienced with crafting pieces in platinum tend to stick to what they know (and we’d encourage them to learn more about working with platinum and explore designing platinum fashion pieces).  It takes a strong knowledge of and technical prowess in platinumsmithing to design and develop a collection like Platinum Born. It takes master craftspeople who possess the skill and know-how to design and develop such unique jewelry.

Platinum Born Maverick bracelet
Maverick bracelet in platinum, $1,530

If you could pick one piece from your line to represent the holiday season, which one would you select?

Any piece of Platinum Born can easily represent the season, as it will sparkle in any light, bring joy to the wearer, and be cherished for a lifetime. If we had to choose one, the Enchant necklace [pictured at top] has a festive look, reminiscent of garland.

Top: Enchant necklace in platinum, $7,100; Platinum Born

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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