11 Epic Bracelets From Oscar Heyman’s Holiday 2020 Catalog

Heritage New York–based jeweler Oscar Heyman has released its largest holiday catalog ever, featuring more than 120 necklaces, earrings, rings, cufflinks, and bracelets in the house’s signature punch-packing gemstones, from Paraiba tourmalines to padparadscha sapphires.

This year for the first time, there will be an enhanced digital catalog to accompany the printed version, which will be mailed out later this month.

It’s the latest example of a luxury jewelry brand pivoting to meet the needs of the modern, pandemic-era jewelry shopper. Because those who can afford to purchase, say, a  $480,000 Paraiba tourmaline bracelet appreciate the convenience of an elegantly presented, digital, and interactive shopping experience just as much as a younger collector thumbing through Instagram in search of estate jewelry bargains.

The experience of flipping through the catalog is just…completely delightful. It’s the joy that we are seeking. Especially the bracelets, which is why I have chosen to focus on that category here. Scroll down and see if your heart doesn’t start racing at the sight of so many perfectly matched sapphires, Paraibas, emeralds, and rubellites.

And the sculptural quartz crystal–and–black jade cuff is maybe the strongest example of the art deco revival style I’ve spotted this year. It’s not a reissue of the iconic deco pieces the firm was producing in the 1920s and 1930s but a true reimagining of the era’s signature materials and design codes for a piece that feels entirely fresh and au courant.

That the pandemic, the social unrest in our nation’s cities, and the uncertainty of a historic presidential election could result in such a crazy-opulent—and dizzyingly colorful—gathering of jewelry designs speaks volumes about Oscar Heyman’s eternal resilience, optimism, and love of craft.

From the 48-page catalog’s parting message: “Special occasions of all shapes and sizes…are best celebrated with jewelry. During challenging times, these special moments mean more than ever.”

It is this sentiment that has sustained the brand through a gnarly tapestry of American and international crises since its founding in 1912.

Today, over the past 108 years, Oscar Heyman remains dedicated to our founding principles—to make fabulous jewelry with gorgeous gems to help people celebrate life events,” says partner Tom Heyman. “This has been true during the good times, as well as more troubling times such as World War I and the Spanish Flu of 1918 to today’s coronavirus pandemic. We conceived the idea for our enhanced digital catalog last year, not knowing how important it would be to clients shopping from home today. Our jewelry reflects our focus on the enduring values that have helped us succeed over three generations.”

Recognizing the effects that COVID-19 has had across the country, the company will be donating a portion of any items sold from the catalog in 2020 to Feeding America.

And now for those bracelets.




Oscar Heyman paraiba and padparadscha bracelet
Bracelet with Paraiba tourmaline, padparadscha sapphires, and diamonds in platinum and 18k gold, $170,000
Oscar Heyman emerald and sapphire bracelet
Bracelet with opals, emeralds, sapphires, and fancy color diamonds in 18k gold and platinum, $260,000


Oscar Heyman cats eye and moonstone bracelet
Bracelet with cat’s-eye moonstones, cat’s-eye, and diamonds in platinum, $200,000
Oscar Heyman Paraiba bracelets
Bracelet with round Paraiba tourmaline and round diamonds in platinum, $330,000 (top); bracelet with oval Paraiba tourmaline and round diamonds in platinum, $480,000
Oscar Heyman pink sapphire and emerald bracelets
Bracelet with pink sapphires and round and pentagon-shape diamonds in platinum, $240,000 (left); bracelet with cabochon emeralds and round and square diamonds in platinum, $210,000
Oscar Heyman quartz crystal and black jade bracelet
Bracelet with oblong quartz crystals, black jade, and diamonds in platinum, $96,000
Oscar Heyman rubellite bracelet
Bracelet with cushion-cut rubellites and round diamonds in platinum, $160,000
Oscar Heyman sapphire and diamond bracelet
Bracelet with multicolored rose-cut sapphires and round and marquise diamonds in platinum, $160,000


Top: Bracelet with pink, yellow, and green sapphires, tsavorites, and baguette diamonds in platinum, $76,000

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