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The Latest News From Meta, October 2023


As the company that owns and operates social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp, Meta is constantly in the news. These are some of the latest and most relevant headlines from the tech giant.

Meta to Offer European Subscription Service

In Europe, Meta is reportedly planning to allow people to use Instagram or Facebook without ads for approximately $14 a month on their phones and $10.50 per month on desktop, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. An ad-free subscription that covers both services would cost about an additional $6.30, according to the article.

The reason for introducing the paid options in Europe is an update of the EU’s data privacy regulations, which makes it harder for Meta to target users with relevant ads because users have to opt in to sharing their digital activity.

If users would opt in to sharing their digital information, Meta could offer them targeted advertising and do it free of charge. For users who did not agree to share their activity, however, Meta would hope for them to subscribe, as an irrelevant ad experience might lead them to quit the platforms.

But the question is: Who on earth would pay between $10 to $20 a month to use Instagram and Facebook?

Meta Explores New Promotions for Threads

Still hyped about Threads? Yeah, no one else seems to be either. Thought briefly to be a Twitter-we-mean-X destroyer, Meta’s text-based app is still bleeding users as its engagement tanks and account signups slow significantly.

Now a report from tech publication The Information says Meta is looking to get higher-profile creators and influential users posting more often on Threads, in a bid to drive the app’s engagement.

Instagrammers may have noticed posts from Threads popping up on their feeds, another push from Meta to encourage Threads activity.

While Threads is an easily accessible platform tied in with a social giant that pretty much has its user based locked down (Instagram, Facebook), it still has to offer more to entice people to actively use it. News from Threads seems to be promising new compelling updates, but only time will tell if they’re enough to keep it in the game.

(Image via Meta)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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