Get Your Layer On With These Necklaces From Facet Barcelona

Let’s return to earlier this week and the topic of layering necklaces. If the neck party on Instagram makes room on its guest list, an invitation should be extended to Facet Barcelona for its extensive range of styles just begging to be grouped.

Getting just the right personalized mix of necklaces for one’s own special layers takes time. A collection should be acquired thoughtfully, from a variety of sources and time periods.

Or not.

I mean, that’s how I want to do it. I aspire to concoct a combination the likes of which I’ve seen on social media, comprising vintage treasures and modern marvels alike. But every shopper is different, and there is no wrong way to layer your necklaces—there’s really no wrong way to wear jewelry at all, is there?

Facet Barcelona Access pendant
Access collection pendant in 14k yellow gold with 0.2 ct. t.w. diamonds, $769
Facet Barcelona Round collection necklace
Rounds collection necklace in 14k yellow gold with 0.75 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,099
Facet Barcelona Dangle necklace
Dangle necklace in white and rose gold with 0.45 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,199

For customers that love modern gold jewelry, Facet Barcelona is their calling. Actually, I think everyone who wears a necklace, even if sporadically, could welcome one of Facet’s pieces into their collection.

From by-the-yard styles to pendants to those wonderfully celebratory charm-style chains, you’ll find it all here, in white and yellow gold. There’s a sophisticated sleekness to the line, many of the diamond-dotted pieces subtle, delicate, and highly layerable.

The styles are beautifully cohesive. A mix and match of any two, three, even four or more necklaces could be worn together—and each would be just as admirable on its own. Because of their simplicity, grouping them together would result in a voluminous, rather foolproof look: no chance of clashing aesthetics, if the customer were to prefer their jewels to sit together seamlessly.

Facet Barcelona tricolor pendant
Tricolor pendant in white, yellow, and rose gold with 0.6 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,599
Facet Barcelona Opera necklace
Opera Diamonds necklace in yellow gold with 0.9 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,699
Facet Barcelona double necklace
Two-row necklace in white gold with 0.8 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,999

The company even offers single styles with built-in layers and an easy, one-on, one-off clasp. No fussing with multiple chains, just effortlessly good-looking. Many customers will be drawn to that kind of convenience—especially for a look that’s so easily wearable, you could go about your life without ever really taking it off.

Facet Barcelona Rounds collection pendant
Rounds collection necklace in yellow gold with 0.35 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,099
Facet Barcelona Opera DIamonds necklace
Opera Diamonds necklace in white and yellow gold with 1.6 cts. t.w. diamonds, $3,699
Facet Barcelona twist pendant
Pendant in yellow gold with 0.5 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,299

Facet Barcelona is a fine jewelry manufacturer established in 1987 and has sales offices in Paris, New York, Munich, and Barcelona, Spain. The company offers jewelry in gold, diamonds, and gemstones, in a wide variety of options.

Top: Stars collection necklace in white gold with 0.65 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,699

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