There’s a Neck Party Happening on Instagram

What a fun expression that is, “neck party”—you’ve probably heard it used to describe a stack of bands (ring party), a menagerie of bangles (arm party), or a selection of studs, hoops, and drops (ear party), all categorizing a layered jewelry look on various parts of the body.

Using the word party lends a whimsical sense to the style, as if each jewel in attendance has its own personality. The classic diamond solitaire plays the part of marvelous hostess, the initial pendant is the life of the party, the locket is a bit of a wallflower (so closed off, that one), and the bar pendant is always the first to get drunk—and who brought the elephant?

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But the layered look is one that deserves a party, its popularity celebrated endlessly and enthusiastically, a wonderful form of expression for consumers—and fabulous sales opportunities for retailers. The layered necklaces and pendants function as a modern charm bracelet—whether the wearer selects pieces that are sentimental or simply to their taste, each group is as individual as the one who styles it.

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For this particular happenin’ affair, we have to thank Gem Gossip’s Danielle Miele for putting out the invites—as some of the industry’s most exciting purveyors (and fans) layer their favorite looks on the daily, there’s nothing like the call from one of your favorite jewelry bloggers to spur a major uptick in posts on the topic. Miele has been sharing a favorite photo a day—and will do so for 30 days—under the hashtag #gemgossipneckparty. Some of her selections are pictured here, so do check it out, because there is a lot of good stuff to see. Seriously, it makes me want to start a whole new collection for myself.

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Layerable styles made an appearance in the 2019 JCK State of the Industry Report as the third most popular key trend for retailers—not necessarily limited to just necklaces—so there’s proof of its prevalence. But you don’t need to look much further than Instagram to see its tangible effect on jewelry vendors and lovers of all sorts.

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While anyone can layer any which way they like—there’s really no wrong way to do it, it’s so personal—there are examples of it being styled to perfection. Some inspire you to pair two things together that you never would have thought to, others make you want to buy an exact piece (social marketing at its best), and others still motivate you to dig through your own collection and bring out pieces that haven’t seen wear in a while.

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Aquaprase ™️ layers

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These are some of my favorite looks spotted on Instagram lately—there has been no shortage of layered looks, so it was fun to choose from a wealth of options. Let these inspire how you style your own collection, as well as some of your in-store displays. Welcome to the neck party!

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