Montblanc’s Final Patron of Art Collection Celebrates Victoria and Albert


Every year since 1992, Montblanc has honored a historical patron of art—including Moctezuma I  to Henry E. Steinway and Napoléon Bonaparte—with a limited-edition writing instrument. This year, for its 30th anniversary and final year of the tradition, the luxury brand is introducing a couple edition in celebration of the lives and legacies of Britain’s Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Consisting of pairs of pens that honor the couple together and single designs that honor the patrons individually, the collection (which will be available later this week) excels in both craftsmanship and storytelling. Here’s a closer look at each limited-edition writing instrument.

Montblanc 4810 Victoria pen
Limited-edition 4810 fountain pen for Victoria in 18k gold, $3,365
Montblanc Albert 4810 pen
Limited-edition 4810 fountain pen for Albert in 18k gold, $3,365

Representing the beginning of the couple’s relationship, this set of pens is topped with white lacquer as a reminder of innocence. The piece dedicated to Victoria features green lacquer, which was her favorite color to wear, in a Victorian print that mimics the pattern on the fence surrounding Kensington Gardens. And the green stone on the clip is a reference to her engagement ring from Albert. The piece dedicated to Albert showcases burgundy lacquer as a nod to the British field marshal uniform of the same color that he wore on his wedding day. Even more, the coat of arms of Saxony (found on Albert’s royal coat of arms) is engraved into the gold.

Montblanc 888 Victoria pen
Limited-edition 888 fountain pen for Victoria in 18k gold, $9,400
Montblanc 888 Albert pen
Limited-edition 888 fountain pen for Albert in 18k gold, $9,400

Celebrating Victoria’s succession to the throne, the limited-edition 888 for her incorporates the same red as her coronation dress as well as a crown decorated with an English rose. On Albert’s version, there’s a distinct pattern that pays tribute to the tartan that he once designed for Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Both designs have engravings of each other’s names and their wedding date, signifying their unity.

Montblanc 100 pen
Limited-edition 100 fountain pen in 18k gold, $37,000

Used as a way to show the depth of Victoria and Albert’s love, these 100 fountain pens incorporate subtle details with deep meaning, like the nine lines on the cone that represent the couple’s nine children. There’s even a pansy engraving that symbolizes love.

Montblanc 8 pen
Limited-edition 8 fountain pen in 18k white gold with onyx, sapphires, and rubies, $162,500

Perhaps the most noteworthy of the collection is the white gold and onyx fountain pen, above. Exuding a more somber tone than the other pieces, this one represents the period of mourning after Albert’s death. Inside, there’s an engraving stating “In erinnerung an Albert” (In memory of Albert), derived from a memorial locket Victoria wore.

Top: An archival portrait of the English Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert (all photos courtesy of Montblanc)

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By: Annie Davidson Watson

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