Yum! M. Spalten’s Gemdrop Collection Is Candy Sweet

So, yeah, when photos of M. Spalten’s new Gemdrop collection landed in my inbox, I read the line’s title as “Gumdrop.” And referred to it as such until her team politely corrected me.

But I’ve had way dopier blond moments, so I don’t mind copping to the gaffe. And given the jewelry’s focus on gemstones in lozenge-like, droplet shapes dangling from dainty gold chain links, like Dots or Skittles or those old-school spice gumdrops that are rainbow-colored but have odd flavors like anise and wintergreen, you can kind of understand how I confused the two.

M Spalten Assorted Gemstone Necklaces
Assorted Gemdrop necklaces in 14k gold, from top: 5-Stone (peridot, opal doublet, amethyst, ruby, and carnelian, $2,400; 7-Stone (peridot, chrome diopside, opal doublet, blue topaz, tourmaline, and apatite, $2,700); 8-Stone (kyanite, tanzanite, blue topaz, golden tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, and ruby, $2,600); 11-Stone (garnet, apatite, opal doublet, Ethiopian opal, Mexican fire opal, amethyst, lapis, ruby, turquoise, pink tourmaline, peridot, and chrome diopside), $3,900

I was going to save this feature for Halloween, when the topic of candy inspirations seems most apropos, but once that angle was no longer relevant, I decided to cover Gemdrop ASAP.

As for the designer’s inspiration (not candy): “I started sketching and choosing stones for the Gemdrop Collection knowing that I wanted to design something super-fun for the everyday woman,” says designer Melissa Spalten. “I love when jewelry has a happy wearable feel and am excited to see the concept come to life.”

M Spalten Duster earrings and sketch
Initial sketch and finished design for the pastel Gemdrop earrings with peridot, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, blue moonstone, and diamonds in 14k gold, $3,800

The Gemdrop collection is fully customizable, allowing the retailer or direct customer to purchase a ready-to-wear jewel or to work with Spalten to incorporate the gemstones of their choice.

M Spalten Gemdrop collection in progress
The Gemdrop pieces are fully customizable—stone offerings are diverse and come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors.

And from lime-green peridot to blueberry kyanite to tangerine Mexican fire opal to strawberry-pink tourmaline, the “flavors” and combinations are completely mouthwatering.

See more from the collection below.

M Spalten Duster earrings
Gemdrop Duster earrings with rubies, amethysts, garnets, London blue topaz, kyanite, opal doublets, peridots, and diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $4,900
M Spalten three lariats
Gemdrop single-stone lariats in 14k gold, from left: pink tourmaline, $860; prehnite, $900; and London blue topaz, $860
M Spalten gemstone Lariat necklace
Gemdrop 3-Stone Lariat necklace with opal doublet, amethyst, and lapis in 14k yellow gold, $1,450


M Spalten 3 Stone Gemstone Lariat
Gemdrop 3-Stone Lariat necklace with ruby, Mexican fire opal, and ruby in 14k gold, $1,600


Top: Gemdrop 5-Stone necklace with peridot, opal doublet, amethyst, ruby, and carnelian set in 14k yellow gold, $2,400

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Amy Elliott

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