Sweet Treats: Bejeweled Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, & More

Are you a candy freak like me? Then you, too, would have clicked on an email claiming to break down the most popular Halloween candies by state when it arrived in your inbox.

I learned that in New York, the top three are Sour Patch Kids, Candy Corn, and Reese’s Cups. I can also personally attest to the enthusiasm we in the Empire State have for Candy Corn because my neighborhood CVS temporarily sold out of the waxy, tricolor kernels around midmonth. Pretty sure that was partially my fault.

Needless to say, when Khai Khai reached out to me to share the image below…

Candy Corn Studs with diamonds, orange sapphires and yellow sapphires in 18k gold, $1,675

this was my reaction:

Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster

Courtesy of giphy.com

And things only got better from there. Because the company is headed by Haim Medine, a guy who shares my passion for the candy I love most of all: sweets of the gummy variety.

“A lot of the inspiration for my jewelry comes from my childhood,” says Medine. “Creating a whole collection inspired by the candy I loved when I was a kid allowed me to bring those memories to life. Going into a candy store, plucking a bag and just filling it with a jumbled assortment of Swedish fish, Gummy Bears, and the Haribo branded Fizzy Colas, Peaches, and Strawbs was always such a fun and happy experience for me.”

The whimsical appeal of the designs goes without saying, but crafting the pieces in 18k gold and precious gemstones makes the collection completely irresistible.

Stores who indulged in Medine’s luscious idea when it launched as a small capsule a couple of years ago have been on a sugar high ever since.

But if the collection is new to you, today’s a great day to sample the goods, don’t you think? My favorites are below. Happy Halloween!

Gummy Worm Necklace with rubies, orange sapphires, and black diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $2,675

Assorted Gummy Bear Rings with tsavorites and black diamonds, yellow sapphires and black diamonds, and rubies and black diamonds, all in 18k gold, $2,000 each (also at top)

Swedish Fish Studs with black diamonds and rubies in 18k gold, $1,000

Gummy Cola Necklace in white and brown diamonds in 18k gold, $1,475

Gummy Peach Clip-On Charm with yellow and orange sapphires, tsavorites, and diamonds in 18k gold, $1,900 (chain sold separately)


Strawb Studs with rubies and tsavorites in 18k gold, $1,925


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