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Logan Hollowell Capsule Collection Honors Mental Health Awareness Month


After two years of coronavirus-related stress and a chaotic world, people are looking for connection to family, friends, and their communities. As a result, the release of Logan Hollowell’s latest launch in honor of May as Mental Health Awareness Month feels like pitch-perfect timing.

The Eye of Emotion capsule collection has nine pieces that highlight Hollowell’s brand aesthetic of gentle empathy, giving the wearer a talisman that reminds them of both their worth and their worthiness for compassion. The idea is to celebrate a person’s full range of feeling and the need to connect deeply with yourself and others, Hollowell says in an email interview.

“Human connection and mental health are essential for living a connected, fulfilled life,” Hollowell says. “We have all experienced and felt the peaks and valleys of this world and must acknowledge that we are from the same source.”

Logan Hollowell necklace eyes
The Eye of Emotion necklace is made in 14k gold and features a moonstone center with 0.15 ct. t.w. diamonds on a 16-inch chain ($1,460).

Hollowell says 20% of sales from the Eye of Emotion collection will benefit Mindful Schools, a nonprofit organization that partners with schools and school communities to create equitable and joyful learning environments that center on well-being.

It’s an essential topic: The Office of the Surgeon General issued a youth mental-health advisory because of rising rates of anxiety and depression in young people. Research shows that students who have a strong sense of connection, especially with people at school, can improve their mental health thanks to this nurturing environment and interactions.

The collection focuses on…well, eyes. The steady gaze of that singular eye seems to look deeply into you, but not in a confrontational way. Rather, this eye wants you to look, pause, think, and then relax. In other words, let your shoulders drop and unclench your jaw for just a minute, maybe?

“I truly believe that eyes are a powerful window to the soul that have the ability to communicate depth and emotion,” Hollowell says. “I chose the shape of an eye because it is a totem symbolizing empathy and compassion for ourselves and others.”

Logan Hollowell
Logan Hollowell has long said, “From the very beginning when I started designing, I knew that I wanted to use jewelry as my medium to make a difference. I am here for a much bigger mission than creating pretty and shiny jewelry.”

The nine-piece collection ranges in price from $1,415 to $3,140. It includes rings, earrings, and necklaces in a variety of metals—yellow and rose gold and silver. Diamonds, emeralds, and moonstones are featured.

To keep herself mentally healthy, Hollowell says she has many practices that involve physical fitness, especially “waking up early and going on long walks in nature, moving my body and exercising, nourishing myself with wholesome foods that stimulate energy, and expressing my feelings and thoughts through journaling,” Hollowell says.

Her goal with her jewelry and the Eye of Emotion collection overall, she says, is to serve as a gentle reminder that we all have value and deserve to be well.

“I hope to bring emotional awareness within ourselves and honor and trust our feelings. It is important to flow as we surrender to them,” Hollowell says. “We must remember that sadness is a part of life and is just as important as joy, and that both should be celebrated as part of the human experience.”

Top: The Logan Hollowell capsule collection Eye of Emotion features earrings that can be purchased as a pair or single. These earrings are made in 14k gold with emeralds and diamonds ($1,415). Hollowell says 20% of the collection’s proceeds will go toward developing mental-health programs for schools (photos courtesy of Logan Hollowell).

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