Kay and Jared Sites Are Featuring Lab-Created Diamonds

Signet seems poised to further expand its sales of lab-created diamonds.

The websites of two of its U.S. brick-and-mortar chains—Kay and Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry—both have products that feature lab-created diamonds.

Kay Jewelers’ site has a page (pictured) touting Modern Creation, a new lab-grown diamond line.

Signet spokesperson David Bouffard says that Modern Creation is currently being tested at five Kay Jewelers stores in Florida, but the brand is not currently being sold on the Kay Jewelers site.

The page calls the diamonds “an all new way to make life more beautiful” which offer “a bigger, bolder look for the same price.”

“Kay has a 100-year history of providing customers with the diamonds of their dreams,” it says. “Now, we turn to the future.”

Jared.com is also featuring “a curated selection of lab-created diamonds in [its] Chosen collection.”

“Through the marvels of science and technology, lab-created diamonds exhibit the same chemical, optical and physical properties as natural diamonds,” says the page for the Chosen brand. “The natural and lab-created diamonds in the Chosen collections have been thoroughly inspected and independently certified to meet our exacting quality standards.”

Bouffard says that Jared brick-and-mortar stores are also offering lab-created diamonds as part of the Chosen line.

Zales does not carry lab-created diamonds on its site or in its stores, Bouffard says.

The brands seem to signal that Signet, America’s largest jeweler, is getting more interested in the lab-created space.

Market sources say they have talked to Signet about lab-created diamond lines, which they expect to launch before the holiday shopping season starts.

Since May, the company has been selling lab-grown diamonds at James Allen, the e-tailer it purchased in 2017. And in recent months, Signet chief executive officer Gina Drosos has expressed a willingness to carry lab-created diamonds.

The retailer has long carried lab-created gemstones.

(Image via: Kay.com)

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