I’m Living for the Jewelry on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

If the allure of The Bachelorette was my entry into reality television, its subsequent summer show, Bachelor in Paradise, has cemented my obsession with the series.

And, you’d have to be obsessed: Watching Bachelor in Paradise is one heck of a commitment. It’s on twice a week, and each episode is two hours long (and sometimes even longer). So basically, I have forgone actual quality television to get lost in this world of lust, heartbreak, and good-looking people in swimsuits basically just sitting around on a beach, drinking cocktails. What have I become?

Perhaps it’s that most of my brainpower is used on staying at home with my five-month-old all day. Maybe it’s used here on this blog (oh God, I hope I’m giving you something semi-intelligent to read from time to time). But whatever the reason, this show is an escape. It requires no thought, it doesn’t make you overly emotional, and I think that’s its appeal. A “mental laxative,” as one friend labels it. Truer words have never been spoken.


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But there is another element that appeals to one part of me on this addictive series—the jewelry-loving part. The women (and some of the men!) wear some fantastic jewelry. I mean, it’s basically one of the only things they wear (the majority of their days are spent lazing in the sun in skimpy swimsuits that have to be blurred out by the network). So I’m thrilled to see that these love-seeking contestants never fail to accessorize.

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I think what I like most about the jewelry on this show is that it’s organic in choice (at least it appears that way). Since most contestants have to dress themselves, the outfits and jewels showcase a personal style choice on the part of each woman and man. These are practical jewels for spending a day sweating in the hot sun—not million-dollar mega-gems that are worn for a quick moment and snap of a photo.


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I see lots of gold pendants—one of my favorite things to wear—layered chains and sleek, subtle bracelets. The biggest jewelry statement comes from brightly colored, swinging earrings that look like they’re made to be worn on an island getaway. There are also quite a few hands stacked to the brim with rings (which I find surprising, since my hands personally swell like crazy in the heat, and that might be uncomfortable. But it looks good!). When the time comes for rose ceremonies and they get all dressed up, hoop earrings and more subtle, short chain necklaces abound. All of the dudes seem to be wearing the same necklace, so maybe that was provided by the show (how else can we explain this?):

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If you need me, I’ll be in front of the TV, living my best life, plotting the kind of jewelry to wear on my next island vacation, inspiration courtesy of Bachelor in Paradise.

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