We Need to Talk About the Bachelorette’s Jewelry

I finally caved and got into The Bachelorette. I spent years hearing about it—and seems like everyone you know is super into it for some reason, right? In recent years, I’ve taken note of the vast number of people I follow on Instagram doing live commentary via their Stories.

So finally, at the suggestion that I start watching with my girlfriends, I caved. And to be honest, it’s sort of fun. (I guess there’s a reason why so many women—and men!—are super into The Bachelor/Bachelorette series—my husband now included!)

So now that I am a self-inducted Bachelorette Nation member, I’ll find any reason to talk about it, including right here—because jewelry.


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This season centers on Becca Kufrin, the jilted ex-fiancée of the most recent Bachelor, in search of a rebound true love by choosing from, like, a hundred men who all look upon her like wolves cornering a sheep (there’s a lot to unpack in terms of what’s wrong with this entire premise, truthfully). But Becca’s doing her thing, looking for Mr. Right-Until-He’s-Wrong, and she’s doing it with a boatload of sparkle.

Some of her outfits are straight-up ridiculous, but oh-so-satisfying from magpie’s view. In one recent episode, she wore silver gym shorts—silver gym shorts!—to play dodgeball. The dress she wore in the premier episode was a white gown by bridal designer Randi Rahm (really laying the bride-to-be vibe on thick here), which clocked in at $22,000, and was adorned with “ivory luster pearls” and Swarovski Crystals.

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When it comes to jewelry, Kufrin goes for it. She wears big dangling earrings and cocktail rings, and there have been a few generous choker necklaces in there so far, too. Statement pieces are definitely her thing, making the jewels easy to notice (even with so much drama going on). So I turned to Instagram to see if I could find some information on the pieces she wore. It took some sleuthing (I went down the rabbit hole of accounts that tagged Kufrin in photos, finally landing upon the stylist behind the show). It’s amazing what you can find on Instagram—things you have a harder time coming up with on Google.

I should say that there’s this recap I love to consume after each episode, because it prety much says everything you’re thinking while watching an episode. But the writers behind this recap have no love for Kufrin’s jewelry, accusing the reality star of going nuts at Charming Charlie’s (which, I must admit, gave me a good chuckle). But this isn’t plastic costume jewelry at a reasonable price—these jewels are real, and they’re spectacular. (I’ve been watching a lot of Seinfeld lately.)

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One of her most compelling pairs of earrings comes from Dilamani, a brand that shows at JCK Las Vegas (all the more reason to be excited!). I have a photo of this very pair sitting in the brand’s folder on my computer, so in a way, I felt a bit like a privileged insider (amazing how easy to please I am).


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Also on the docket are Dana Kemp, Suzanne Kalan (a favorite of mine), Royal Nomad, Robyn Rhodes, Rachel Reinhardt Jewelry, and the Woods Fine Jewelry.


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Since my favorite contestant has since gone home, and I don’t see much hope for pretty much any other would-be husband on the show, I’ll stick around to see what sort of jewelry the Bachelorette wears next—it’s a much better reason to be watching, anyway.

Top image via: @caryfetman

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