Advent Calendars So Good That Even Oprah Calls One A Favorite Thing


Advent calendars are a holiday tradition that help most people find a unique or enjoyable way to count down the days to a major celebration, traditionally Christmas Day. This year, there are a bevy of jewelry-focused Advent calendars to choose from, showing how creative the industry is in terms of gifting as well as themes.

Whether you’re looking to add to your jewelry wardrobe or just need something to help you be more mindful of the reason for the season on a daily or weekly basis, there is an Advent calendar that likely fits your needs.

Sterling Forever founder and CEO Mike Cooke got an early holiday present when Oprah selected the company’s build-your-own Advent calendar as one of her favorite things in 2022. The calendar can be customized to include whatever items the giver wants, Cooke says, and the box itself is made with 100% recyclable paper so it in and of itself is a reusable gift.

“I started the business in my parents’ basement and now we’re working with Oprah,” Cooke says. “Doing an Advent calendar takes a lot of prep and planning…but no one tells Oprah ‘no.’ ”

Here is a look at what kinds of Advent calendars jewelers came up with in 2022.

Tiffany Advent
Tiffany & Co. created its annual Advent calendar with its artistic partner, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, to help clients curate a special tower of 24 Tiffany Blue boxes and their contents (photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.).

Tiffany & Co.
The New York jeweler partnered with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to create a four-foot Advent calendar that blends the two iconic brands. The calendar includes 24 Tiffany Blue boxes, each crafted individually out of sustainable wood, the company says. Clients who purchase this impressive stack can curate the contents with Tiffany directly.

“This holiday season, we wanted to celebrate Andy Warhol and uplift his connection to Tiffany & Co. by taking inspiration from the iconic greeting cards that he created for our clients in the ’50s and ‘60s,” said Alexandre Arnault, executive vice president, product and communication. “The campaign video brings these elements together by paying homage to our long-standing relationship with the one of the world’s most celebrated artists.”

Awe Inspired
Founders Jill Johnson and her son, Max, created Awe Inspired as a way to empower people and create meaningful gifts through jewelry. According to the family-run company, it specializes icons in Greek mythology and real-life goddesses including Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Awe Inspired’s unique pieces are the gifts that give back this holiday season.

The Awe Inspired 2022 Advent Gift Box features a variety of Awe jewelry pieces, including original or mini Goddess pendants, Goddess earrings, amulets, stud earrings, chains, and collector links valued at more than $1,000.

Advent with bow
The 2022 Gemmology Rocks Advent calendar is perfect for the rock hound or a client who wants to learn more about these colorful stones (photo courtesy of Gemmology Rocks).

Gemmology Rocks
Gemstone specialist and Gemmology Rocks founder Kerry Gregory calls this gemstone-focused Advent calendar amazing for good reason. To create its second edition of this classic holiday gift, Gemmology says it sorts, tests, and identifies more than 10,000 recycled gemstones to find the right ones for its annual calendar. Each gemstone is boxed individually, labeled so you know what they are, and explained in a mini course for the person receiving it.

“It’s not just an Advent calendar,” Gregory says. “It was specifically designed to be an accessible way for people to learn about gems. Not only do you get a recycled gemstone in a collector box every day, there is a video lesson of 5–10 minutes about the stone designed to give salespeople confidence and knowledge to chat to customers about gems and, in turn, sell more color.”

Lark Berry advent
Lark & Berry has two Advent boxes this year: One is focused on luxury, and one helps you build the perfect ear full of earrings and charms (photo courtesy of Lark & Berry).

Lark & Berry
The brand created two Advent calendars this year to celebrate the season. These are among the most expensive of the calendars out there, but one can presume that the items found inside are likely to be among the receiver’s favorites.

The luxury calendar at $12,114 includes 12 individually wrapped jewelry boxes with a piece of fine jewelry in each, ranging from earrings to necklaces to rings. Its Ear Envy calendar at $6,057 features 12 individually wrapped gifts with fine piercings, detachable charms, and two pieces of Lark & Berry fine jewelry.

Mignonne Gavigan
It will be a festive 12 days with the luxurious items included in this first-ever Advent calendar from Mignonne Gavigan (photo courtesy of Mignonne Gavigan).

Mignonne Gavigan
The brand is offering its first Advent calendar to help its clients celebrate this holiday tradition—and it is hoping that not only will its clients buy this as a gift for someone else, but they’ll also pick one up to enjoy themselves over the 12 days.

The calendar is aimed at “the ultimate MG jewelry aficionado,” the brand says, with pull-out compartments featuring some of its best-selling pieces. This includes its Micro Madeline earrings, Petite Crystal Madeline studs, and an array of other accessories have been hand-selected for this special drop. The brand says the set is valued at nearly $900 but retails for $385.

National Geographic
This one is hard to resist including, especially if you have a budding rock hound or a future bench jeweler at home. You may want to check out the National Geographic gemstone Advent calendar, which is aimed at kids but would be enjoyed by anyone. It includes 24 gemstones to open daily until Christmas, making it a great way to count down to the big day.

Top: Sterling Forever gained Oprah’s coveted holiday coverage with its Advent calendars in 2022, including its Five Days of Hoop Advent Calendar (photo courtesy of Sterling Forever). 

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