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Jewelers Go All Out with Events, Gifts for Galentine’s Day


No matter what your relationship status is, Galentine’s Day is one holiday everyone can enjoy, with a bit of jewelry sparkle thrown into the mix.

Also known as the more gender-neutral Palentine’s Day, Feb. 13 has become an increasingly popular way for people to celebrate friendship. Jewelers are now creating events and special items to boost the unofficial holiday as a reason to shop, have fun, and show affection with your besties.

Granted, Feb. 14 may still take up most of the budget, but Galentine’s can stand out on your calendar with friendship-focused shopping lists and gal-pal get-togethers like Rebel Nell’s aura readings, where ticket holders receive a bracelet in their aura’s color.

Classic jewelry can be the perfect Galentine’s Day gift, so Leon Rbibo, president of the Pearl Source and Laguna Pearl, recommends a pair of freshwater studs or an akoya bracelet—both are simple and affordable yet elegant and timeless. The edgier Fame and Fortune lines from Laguna Pearl will give a fashionista friend that boundary-pushing look she may want.

“The thing about pearls is that they are a symbol of power, elegance, independence. And to a large degree I think that’s what Galentine’s Day is all about as well, and that’s why I think it should be celebrated,” Rbibo says.

“It offers us a chance to empower and prop up the people around us—maybe the people that ordinarily wouldn’t get gifts or that you might not celebrate with over the holidays,” Rbibo adds. “Galentine’s Day is about celebrating one another but more importantly supporting one another.”

Here’s how jewelers and jewelry designers are looking at Galentine’s and Palentine’s Day for 2023, according to interviews with JCK.

Liori Diamond
A diamond solitaire is a great gift for the bestie who already has everything, according to Liori Diamonds. This 3 ct. diamond ($7,999) is a showstopper, Liori founder Avi Aranbaiev says. (Photo courtesy of Liori Diamonds)

With women buying jewelry for themselves more, Galentine’s Day has become a way for women to honor the friendships that have enriched them, says Avi Aranbaiev, founder of Liori Diamonds in New York. He recommends tennis necklaces, east-to-west settings, and “conversation pieces” as Galentine’s Day presents.

“A solitaire you can wear on a thin chain or as a choker is very in right now. It’s affordable and a great gift as well,” Aranbaiev says. “Our best sellers are 1½ and 2 carat [solitaries]. It’s the best of both worlds—it shows class, and you can wear it every day.”

Beaded bracelet
These Aaron Basha Besties bracelets ($75) are a fun way to match up with your friend on Galentine’s Day. (Photo courtesy of Aaron Basha)

Aaron Basha is bringing beads to Galentine’s Day with Basha Besties, bracelets that symbolize lasting friendship.

“True friends look out for one another and wish each other well. This is the perfect gift to express to your girlfriends that you have their back for Galentine’s Day,” says Regine Basha, president of Aaron Basha.

Friendship is all about honoring and supporting those you love, so Carolyn Rafaelian created posy bracelets engraved with encouraging and inspiring phrases for the powerful women in your life, including “Rather Now Than Tomorrow,” “I Am Not Afraid, I Was Born For This,” and “Go Forward Bravely.”

“Our Posy wire bracelets bring a medieval lovers tradition to life and with this collection Metal Alchemist is honoring Joan of Arc, a heroine of great courage who proved what faith can do,” Rafaelian says. “Her message and life of bravery changed history and her quotes have stood the test of time. Her words speak to the spiritual warrior in all of us and have a power more relevant today than ever.”

Metal Alchemist
Your Galentine will feel empowered with messages like “Rather Now Than Tomorrow,” “I Am Not Afraid, I Was Born For This,” and “Go Forward Bravely” from Metal Alchemist (photo courtesy of Metal Alchemist).

Permanent bracelets are finding lots of love for Galentine’s Day, with events across the country. Patricia Carruth from Your Personal Jeweler in Royal Oak, Mich., is adding events several weekends a month to keep up with demand.

“This year I decided to throw a Galentine’s Day event to celebrate the love of friendships. Valentine’s Day is cool, but a day honoring your platonic relationships is just as important,” Carruth says. “For our event, we’ll be serving light refreshments and welding permanent friendship bracelets.”

Wonder Woman Tourbillon
If you think your best friend has superpowers, this Wonder Woman watch (price on request) from Kross Studio may be a good fit for Galentine’s Day. (Photo courtesy of Kross Studio)

Kross Studio recommends its Wonder Woman watch and watch roll as a way to show your best friend that you believe in her superpowers.

“A watch is a great gift because it is functional and timeless and can reflect the recipient’s personal style,” says Kross Studio founder Marco Tedeschi. “The personal touch of a custom watch shows the thoughtfulness and consideration put into the gift. It shows that you have taken the time to truly understand the recipient and what they value.”

Eriness earrings
Erin Sachse suggests besties split her Mini Pink Sapphire Huggies ($450) as a Galentine’s Day gift exchange (photo courtesy of Eriness).

Erin Sachse, founder and designer at Eriness, considers Galentine’s Day a time to show her friends and family how much they mean to her with treats and, of course, jewelry.

“A perfect gift is something that holds sentimental value and is something you have for the rest of your life. With that being said, jewelry is exactly that. It is something special that will always signify a moment in time and can always be carried with you,” Sachse says.

Lionheart necklace
Sarah Mahsa of Lionheart recommends the Runa Heart Charm necklace ($845), which comes in three gemstones—malachite, mother-of-pearl, or lapis lazuli—so you and your besties can have the same piece but different colors. (Photo courtesy of Lionheart)

Lionheart’s Sarah Mahsa says Galentine’s Day could be an occasion for a shopping trip with your friends, picking out jewelry and creating that long-term bond with a day out.

“Jewelry for Galentine’s Day is wonderfully special. It reminds us of when we were kids and gave our best friends a friendship charm, split the heart in half, and wore it around our neck every single day,” Mahsa says. “That piece represented the value of our friendship and meant the world to us.”

Akaila Reid ring
Akaila Reid’s opal ring ($6,360) would be a beautiful gift if friends wore one at the same time, says Akaila Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Akaila Reid)

Akaila Reid’s Akaila Johnson suggests matching rings, which friends could wear together to represent their sacred bond.

“Whenever I think of my closest friends, I think of what Charlotte York once famously said [on Sex and the City]: ‘Maybe we can be each other’s soul mates. And then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.’ I truly believe our deepest relationships can be with the friends we choose to journey through life with,” Johnson says. “What better way to honor those relationships than with a piece of jewelry that will last forever and remind you of them every time you wear it.”

Jewelry is a great Palentine’s or Galentine’s gift because it represents a feeling without words, says Inesita Capó of İTÄ jewelry.

“Sometimes we don’t express ourselves as well with friends as we would with family or significant others,” Capó says. “We’ve always loved the Turkish word for friend—arkadaş—which very literally means ‘to share a back.’”

Top: The Pearl Source says elegant pearl studs ($84) are an ideal gift for your best friend on Galentine’s Day, Feb. 13, an unofficial holiday to celebrate friendships. (Photo courtesy of the Pearl Source)

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