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Permanent Jewelry Continues to Evolve With More Styles and Options


Permanent jewelry’s evolution is happening at lightning speed with jewelers offering this on-trend, in-store experience and boosting its appeal with parties, new add-on accessories such as charms, and even at-home versions that hope to bring the party to even more consumers.

Some jewelers call it zapping, bonding, or forever jewelry, growing from a starting point of bracelets into anklets, necklaces, and rings. Others call it “interactive jewelry,” where they’re focusing on the retail experience of bringing friends and family together for a special event where permanent jewelry is the star.

Now, with brands like Aurelie Gi adding fine jewelry options and La Daje launching an at-home Forever Locked line, permanent jewelry seems like it is in the second phase—and customers like Casey Gokenbach say they are evangelists for the experience.

La Daje Forever Locked
La Daje says its Forever Locked bracelet is the first permanent bracelet with a clasp that does not require welding or zapping. Customers select a design and size then “lock it forever in the comfort of your own home,” the brand says (photo courtesy of La Daje).

Gokenbach of Southlake, Texas, recently got three permanent bracelets as a literal bonding moment with her tennis team. She calls the process fun and easy, and it provided entertainment and beautiful jewelry at a reasonable price point.

“I think it is a great jewelry option for low-maintenance people,” the mom of two says. “I have so many pretty bracelets that I rarely wear, and especially ones with clasps since they are hard to put on by yourself. This was a fun process where I had a lot of options to choose from of very delicate, dainty chains…. I originally thought I would get two, but then I ended up with three.”

Larissa Loden says she recently added permanent jewelry to her St. Paul, Minn., store because of customer demand. So far, the jewelry has been well received and fun for those on both sides of the counter.

“We had an experience [on a recent weekend] where we welded two bracelets for friends where one is from Minneapolis and one is from Chicago. It was a way for them to share an experience together,” Loden says. “It was a cool, powerful thing to create jewelry and the meaning behind it.”

Aurelie Gi, which launched in February 2020, offers that kind of delicate, wearable jewelry—and permanent jewelry options give people of all ages and generations something to enjoy and wear together, says Katherine Whitacre, national sales director of Chic Pistachio, which owns Aurelie Gi.

The brand debuted its For Keeps permanent jewelry collection in September with a variety of permanent jewelry options for stores to purchase and work with at their retail locations, Whitacre says. Many store owners are mixing and matching their Aurelie Gi charms, chains, and accessories in ways that are inspiring others to do the same.

For example, it has prices ranging from $90 to $435, with most under $250 retail. There are meaningful charms, birthstones, as well as diamond or white sapphire options for shoppers to select and customize.

For stores, Whitacre says Aurelie Gi’s For Keeps permanent jewelry collection is a great offering because it gives customers that rush of excitement and it is something they cannot get online, so it’s a win-win.

“We see everyone from moms and daughters to grandmothers bringing their granddaughters,” Whitacre says. “It’s great to see how much fun everyone has, and they leave with a really beautiful piece of jewelry.”

At La Daje, founder and CEO Carmen Meli says she wanted to create a “permanent jewelry moment” for people globally, so she developed the brand’s new Forever Locked bracelets, which debuted in November.

The Toronto-founded, Italian-crafted jewelry brand created and patented Forever Locked as a permanent bracelet that has a clasp that does not require welding or zapping. Rather, the customer can put them on at home, creating an experience of bonding in a new way, Meli says.

Forever Locked bracelets are solid gold, so you can wear them in water, through airport security, or even during surgery, common concerns some people have had regarding permanent jewelry, Meli says. Her Forever Locked bracelets are available in four styles and in three sizes with prices from $345 to $435.

Meli says having an at-home option is ideal for this jewelry trend, especially if you want to wear it as an anklet. The patented clasp is what makes it easy to put on—the customer puts the chain inside the clasp and tightens it. It does not loosen or come out, Meli says.

She says her customers love the freedom of doing it themselves or buying multiple bracelets as gifts. In one case, she says a father-in-law purchased four bracelets to give his daughters-in-law.

“It lets people share something special—it’s all about the memories,” Meli says.

Top: Aurelie Gi created its For Keeps permanent jewelry collection in 14k recycled yellow or white gold for couples, best friends, families, and bridal parties to “celebrate lifelong relationships” with these forever-focused pieces ranging from $90 to $435 (photo courtesy of Aurelie Gi). 

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