JCK Gets Tennis Icon Serena Williams Talking About Her Jewelry Line

Earlier this year, just before JCK Las Vegas 2019, JCK reported on the forthcoming launch of a fine jewelry collection by international tennis champion Serena Williams that was to be produced in collaboration with global diamond manufacturer KP Sanghvi.

Few details were known or revealed at the time, but five months later, Serena Williams Jewelry is now available for purchase.

With prices ranging from $299 to $9,999, the collection is debuting exclusively with Fred Meyer Jewelers (in select stores and online), and there are plans to expand the offer to include specialty jewelers and department stores nationwide.

Serena Williams necklace and earrings
“Women see Serena as more than just a tennis player—they see her as a female icon who represents empowerment and believing in oneself,” said Laura Rubin, vice president of marketing at KP Sanghvi, in a statement. Photo: Craig Cutler.

Designed to be an extension of Williams’ eponymous fashion line, Serena Williams Jewelry comprises 70 core pieces made in 14k gold with ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds. Several jewels are adorned with words that embody who Williams is, such as “Queen” and “Winner.” ID necklaces, a diamond-encrusted Cuban link bracelet, and signet rings round out the collection, alongside snake, celestial, and heart motifs. Silhouettes are alternately bold and glamorous or more delicate and fluid; both modes serve as symbols of strength and femininity and the uniquely inspiring image that Williams projects to the world.

JCK had a chance to chat with Williams about the collection. Seated on a white couch in a sprawling penthouse at the Mark Hotel on New York’s Upper East Side, she personally introduced us to the jewelry, highlighting several pieces in the line and sharing how they came to be (along with a few juicy tidbits about her personal jewelry collection).

JCK: Is there a piece from the collection that feels like a true reflection of your vision for the line, a piece that feels like you?

 Serena Williams: Absolutely, the heart is something that I’ve always worn. Every match I play, I always wear a heart. In the late ’90s, I wore a really simple heart and [have been wearing] more elaborate ones of late, so it was really important to me to have a heart in the collection.

Also, I think it would be really wrong not to mention our aspirational word [pieces]. I think they really speak to who Serena is, and who Serena is as a person. We have one that says “Great,” one that says “Winner.” We have “Love,” we have “Sexy,” we have “Crazy.” There are so many different words that really speak to me and what I’m about.

Serena Williams heart necklace
Signature Heart necklace with diamonds in 14k rose gold, $1,100
Serena Williams Sexy necklace
Sexy message necklace with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $950

You have a few tennis bracelets in the collection—tell us about your version of the classic.

Being a tennis player, I can’t have a jewelry line and not have a tennis bracelet. You can’t really change a tennis bracelet too much, but we went for it. It definitely has a little more space in between the stones than the average tennis bracelet, where the stones are really close together, so we wanted to bring that little change to it. We also incorporated this [diamond-accented lobster claw] clasp, which is not typical in tennis bracelets.

Serena Williams tennis bracelet
Icon tennis bracelet with diamonds in 14k white gold, $4,500

Having seen you wear incredible jewels on and off the court, I have to assume you are a jewelry lover and collector. What is the most treasured piece of jewelry in your personal collection?

There is a piece that my mom gave me when I was young. It was a ring. I still have it. It’s not the fanciest, but it really means a lot to me.

What is your personal jewelry holy grail as far as something you hope to purchase for yourself one day, perhaps something like the vintage Bulgari necklace you wore to your friend Meghan Markle’s wedding? 

The next thing I’m purchasing are tons of emeralds. I haven’t gotten there yet, so we’ll see. Speaking of what I wore to that wedding, nothing that fancy, but I want a really statement emerald piece to add to my collection. And I love sapphires. Because as a September [baby], September’s a sapphire, and I have this natural obsession with sapphires.

Serena Williams pinky signet ring
Pavé signet pinky ring with diamonds in 14k white gold, $650
Serena Williams Signet ring with star
Starry Night signet ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $750

You’ve launched the collection just in time for the holidays—what pieces do you personally think would make great gifts?

I think our inspirational word [pieces] are great. Our signet rings are supercool and exciting and great for gifting and reasonable. I love those as gift items unless you want to get more fancy [with the Cuban link bracelets]. You can stack them up and layer them.

See more from the Serena Williams Jewelry collection below.

Serena Williams dog tag necklace
Large dog tag pendant with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $2,950
Serena Williams Cuban link bracelet
Oval Cuban link bracelet with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $6,250
Serena Williams cascading earrings
Cascading earrings with diamonds in 14k rose gold, $2,500
Serena Williams serpent ring
Serpent Coil ring with diamonds and emeralds in 14k yellow gold, price on request
Serena Williams Love stud earrings
Love earrings with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $500

Top: Tennis champion Serena Williams officially launched her fine jewelry collection on Nov. 8. In an official statement she said, “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to bring a little sparkle and joy to special moments. I hope my jewelry designs inspire people to love themselves, believe in themselves, and, of course, treat themselves.” Photo: Craig Cutler; all product stills: Steven Crawford.


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