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James Allen Sees Good Fortune Ahead With New Octagonal Shape


James Allen has introduced octagonal diamonds, offering consumers a cut that shines brightly and stands out from what’s already on the market for rings, pendants, and earrings, the brand’s gemologist says.

The company announced the octagonal diamonds last week as an “industry first,” says sales manager and gemologist Lorraine Brantner. James Allen  is the only retailer to sell this shape, she says.

“These diamonds have 65 facets and are cut with expert techniques to optimize light, brilliance, and sparkle,” Brantner says. “They reflect more light than a traditional round diamond, which only has 58 facets.”

JA octagonal diamond mix
James Allen recently introduced octagonal diamonds for engagement rings, pendants, and other fine jewelry pieces.

The octagon diamonds are distinctive in appearance and adaptability, Brantner says, explaining that they fit more securely in prong settings than fancy shapes or round diamonds. “Though they sparkle like traditional round brilliants, they have a fun and funky outline shape that catches your eye up close,” she says. “They can be safely set into styles that hold round, princess, or cushion, providing a vast inventory of setting design options.”

With eight sides and 65 facets, the octagonal diamond could also be seen as a good-luck charm, Brantner says, as the number eight is said to bring good fortune in Chinese and other Asian cultures.

“If you love the sparkle and light performance of a round but want something a touch different, the octagon is a great shape to consider,” Brantner adds. “The octagon is a conversation starter, and the brilliance of these diamonds dazzle each admirer up close.”

JA Octagonal Engagement Ring
This mockup of an engagement ring featuring a James Allen octagon diamond shows how the cut looks in a traditional setting.

Brantner calls the shape “an incredible achievement” for James Allen and notes that the company consistently seeks to improve the industry and exceed customer expectations with its offerings, including this new option.

“We have paved the way in the online industry with our HD 360-degree diamond video technology, and we are very excited to spread the sparkle even further with our octagon-cut diamonds,” she says.

On its website, James Allen is described as a “diamond bridal jewelry company with a technology soul.” Consumers can customize a ring or other fine jewelry using its online tools. The New York–based retailer has showrooms in New York City and Washington D.C., but customers must complete their purchase through the website.

James Allen is owned by Signet Jewelers, which said in its most recent sales update that the brand and another Signet digital banner, Blue Nile, had “demonstrated strength” in the first quarter of its 2024 fiscal year (ended April 29, 2023). At the same time Signet announced it would close as many as 150 locations in its portfolio.

Top: James Allen’s new octagonal diamond cut is unique within the industry, the company says, and only available at its website and two showrooms. (Photos courtesy of James Allen) 

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