Instagram Has Royal Wedding Fever

Well, the latest royal wedding has come and gone. What did you think? Were you up bright and early, tea and biscuits at the ready? Did you sleep through it—or miss it on purpose? I did the former, though I caught the highlights and was up in time to watch HBO’s Will Ferrell–led special (which was…weird).

Though I enjoyed the sights of London from the comfort of my couch, what was most fun was scrolling through Instagram to see how others were celebrating the momentous occasion.

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Many retailers (Target, Bloomingdale’s) took the occasion to advertise—it would have been a missed opportunity not to—and a handful of independent retail jewelers boasted clever royal-inspired store events (bravo!).

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For some, the event inspired throwbacks to their own weddings (I found myself scrolling through pictures of mine as well), though the most popular trend was to share borrowed images from the current wedding itself, with a major spotlight on the jewelry. I also enjoyed looking to those trusty celebrity stylists, who dressed some of the attendees.

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And what a spotlight the jewelry deserves. Though I wasn’t terribly excited by Markle’s dress (no doubt beautiful, I just felt sort of “meh” about it—though what I was expecting, I don’t know), the diamonds more than made up for that lack of enthusiasm. Oh, my goodness, the diamonds! Here’s the thing: Markle’s stunning beauty, paired with that amount of diamonds, means any other, “busier” dress would have been wasted, so if a somewhat blank canvas was intended, then rightly done. Perhaps I am into the dress choice after all—just not for the reason that I like the dress on its own.

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My favorite posts were surprisingly few and far between: Those celebrating at home, fascinators clipped on, tea pinkies raised, heart-eyes for Harry in full effect. I had expected to see more of my Instagram friends celebrating in style, but, when an event begins at 4 a.m., I suppose one can’t really set expectations too high.

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Still, there was enough to keep me scrolling today!

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