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Emmitt Smith Talks Dreams And Goals With Luxury Guests


Former Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith learned everything he needed to know about life from the football field, where he excelled not only as one of the greatest ­running backs in history but also as a ­teammate to some of the best players in the world.

That is how the jewelry industry should approach its profession as well, according to Smith. Your employees and customers should be a billboard for you, telling the story of how you meet daily challenges and work diligently to become the best version of yourself, said the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

In a well-received keynote speech at Luxury on June 9 at The Venetian, Smith addressed the importance of facing your fears, setting short- and long-term goals, and preparing ­yourself for longevity in your given profession.

Smith’s appreciative audience was there to hear his football stories, which started when he was 7 years old and ­dreaming of impressing his father by becoming a Dallas ­Cowboy. The rest came to hear his tales of Dancing With the Stars, the competitive TV ballroom dance show in which Smith won the third season by practicing up to 12 hours daily with partner Cheryl Burke.

“It’s our job and our responsibility to take care of one ­another the best way we know how and to break down the walls to become the best versions of ourselves,” Smith said. “You give poor service [to a client], you’ll lose them. Give them great service, and they’ll become a walking billboard. That’s how I am for [Dallas jeweler] Sue Gragg—I’m a walking mouthpiece for her because of quality service. She sells a lot of diamonds.”

Smith encouraged jewelers to be curious about every aspect of their business, to share the credit for their success, and to work so hard you ache with effort. Taking time to reflect, analyze, and make adjustments to your plans is what will make you a great leader and person, he said. He’s had to do that throughout his career, especially after he got off of the football field and into real estate, he added.

“The question is whether you’re going to meet your ­challenges or are you going to shy away and be controlled by the spirit of intimidation,” Smith said. “Accept the challenge. Pick yourself up. Move yourself forward.”

Top: Emmitt Smith at the Luxury breakfast (photo by Camilla Sjodin)

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