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The Fine Jewelry Styles Sure to Sway Holiday Shoppers


When it comes to fashion and accessories, it’s important to distinguish between two types of trends: retail and editorial.

The former refers to the products that are selling in-store, while the latter reflects looks we’re seeing on the editorial pages of magazines and leading fashion sites. Rather than clarifying what’s selling today, the editorial perspective points the way to what’s expected to sell in the near-to-distant future, depending on how likely a particular market is to embrace new styles.

Randi Molofsky
Randi Molofsky

When we want insights into what’s next—i.e., the directional styles—we turn to our very own trend guru, Randi Molofsky. JCK’s longtime jewelry director, she is the owner of For Future Reference, a bicoastal brand development agency that represents some of the hottest designers in the jewelry business (including all of the jewelers featured in this story).

We called Randi to pick her brain about fall 2023. Like just about everyone, she’s seeing the vogue for pink-hued jewels fueled by the blockbuster Barbie movie carrying on well into the new season: “Pink in general has become evergreen—you can’t go wrong with it this fall,” she tells JCK.

She’s also seeing the continuation of a trend we’ve been watching play out both editorially and at retail for several years now. “It’s crazy to say, but we’re still with the pearls,” Randi says. “They’re kind of like power pearls, with larger silhouettes. Even if it’s a traditional look, like a strand, it’ll be an ombré strand or have interesting details in it that make it feel very unique. But it’s still there—people just want the pearls.”

Jade Ruzzo pearl necklace
Nina necklace in 18k yellow gold with Muzo Colombian emeralds and Tahitian pearls, $38,000; Jade Ruzzo

Last but not least, Randi noted that the “quiet luxury” trend that’s been the talk of the town since earlier this year is most evident in the number of requests she’s seeing, from both editors and stylists, for white metal jewels. “Mostly they’re looking for bigger, more sculptural pieces in white gold, silver, and platinum,” she says. “Magazines are putting this on their pages.”

Retrouvai necklace
Classic Diamond Domino necklace in platinum with diamonds on Akoya pearl chain, $14,930; Retrouvaí

Beyond these well-established trends, Randi highlighted four new styles that seem to be gaining momentum among tastemakers and are poised to sell this holiday season.

Chunky Collar Necklaces

The necklace style of the moment doesn’t cling to the neck like a choker or swing like an opera-length chain. Instead, it’s a hefty piece that sits close to the collar.

Mateo necklace
Anna Riviera necklace in 14k yellow gold with citrine, $8,450; Mateo

“It could be link, it could be torque, or it could be more bib-style, but the idea is a chunky silhouette resting around your neck,” says Randi. “And we’re certainly seeing a lot of cord necklaces or torques with a big hanging pendant. The idea is you can make some changes with how you wear your jewelry. And you have these detachable or interchangeable pendants that give you more flexibility. You can put them on a cord for something that feels less formal, or a chain, or put it on a torque and mix it with other things.”



Jade Ruzzo collar
Sugarloaf Gong pendant on torque in 18k yellow gold with Muzo Colombian emerald, $34,000; Jade Ruzzo

Metallic Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are in—but make them about the metal.

Lizzie Mandler earrings
Crescent huggie earrings in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, $3,550; Lizzie Mandler

“It’s less of a big dangly gemstone earring, and more of a stationary metallic statement earring,” says Randi. “It doesn’t have a ton of movement. It’s more about the scale and architectural-ness of it.”

Bold Ear Cuffs

“It feels like there’s a body jewelry thing, like ear cuffs, coming back again, but in bolder ways,” she says. “I see a lot of people asking for that, especially for styling.”

Tabayer ear cuff
Oera earrings in 18k Fairmined yellow gold with diamonds, $11,600; Tabayer

Horseshoe Motifs

“Three different editors from three completely different publications have asked me for horseshoe jewelry in the last two weeks,” says Randi.

Harwell Godfrey horseshoe pendant
Major Horseshoe pendant in 18k yellow gold with green amethyst, dark mother-of-pearl, green tsavorite, and diamonds, $12,995; Harwell Godfrey

She referred to the scenes in Barbie featuring Ken’s obsession with horses, and the disco-cowgirl aesthetic currently burning up Instagram feeds (Beyoncé fans, we’re looking at you), as possible reasons for the interest in hoof-wear.

“Maybe it has to do with the cultural zeitgeist,” she says. “I’m curious to see how it’s going to play out.” As are we!

Top: Zinzi Venetian glass necklace in 18k yellow gold, $12,800; H.O.W.L.

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By: Victoria Gomelsky

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