Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Week of May 15

This week: Controversy over how much De Beers pays Canada. There is such a thing as gold acid. A man finds gold and diamonds in a chest he bought at an estate sale. All below.


Mystery diamond color treatment stumps GIA.

Michelle Graff and Danielle Max offer their thoughts.  


Centurion readers report strong Mother’s Day.

– Study looks at what jewelry brands used social networking on Mom’s Day.


Consumers spending less on apparel.


Michelle Graff looks into the somewhat-contradictory industry data.


Pandora U.S. sales soar, cuts 105 retailers.


Piecing together the Scott Kay story.


Fortgang leaves Fabrikant Tara.


Etsy has counterfeiting problem, analyst warns.

– Here come the class-action suits.


Shots fired in brazen midtown Tourneau robbery.

– Suspect a valedictorian.


How the FBI waited nearly 10 years to bust a jeweler.


Another diamond trader defaults in Mumbai.


The New York Times and Bloomberg on the industry’s problems.

– Edahn Golan: Despite better sight prices, trade still has issues.

– Charles Wyndham gets flashbacks to De Beers, 1983.

– Ehud Laniado: Will rationality prevail in the diamond business?


A 25 ct. ruby is now world’s most expensive colored stone.


Colored diamonds, colored stones hot at Christie’s.

– Kashmir sapphire scarcity driving prices (subscription required).


The time a multimillion dollar red diamond nearly fell from the roof of a hotel.


De Beers paid little royalties to Canada, CBC claims.

– How CBC located the secret figures.

– CBC looks at diamond business, local diamond cutting, and the Victor mine.


South Africa’s State Diamond Trader under attack.


Jewelry Industry Summit will be held in New York City.

Study: More women than men want Apple Watch.

– Analyst’s kids not interested.

– Other analyst thinks it will kill mid-priced watches.

– WatchPro’s review of a week with the watch.


“My smartwatch is making me antisocial.”


Venture capital increasingly looking at wedding companies (article mentions Ritani).


Union Diamond brand sold.


Dutch company selling colored diamonds online.


J.C. Penney CEO-in-waiting promising turnaround.


Steve Shonebarger dies.


David Gardner’s jeweler Dean Wile dies at 57.


Weinrich, Green, and Gleim to be honored by AGS.


LAGOS names Stephen Chambers director of visual merchandising.


Blood Diamonds author Rafael Marques de Morais trial will resume Thursday.


Mbada Diamonds hit by strike.

– Zimbabwe beneficiation—a pipe dream?


50 Cent crew stole gold and diamond chain, jeweler says.

– Shows pics of his face.

– The rapper’s not a suspect.


Shipwreck discovered off Finland may contain gold coins, jewelry.


Texas man finds diamonds, gold in estate chest.


Judge expected to rule soon on Bahia emerald case.


Io9 looks at a multicolored gemstone, something called gold acid, and a diamond burning in oxygen.


Diamond ring found in purse to help cancer survivors.


Media Watch:  

– CNNMoney likes Signet’s stock (but hates its commercials).

– Profile of Ohio store offering “alternative” jewelry.

– Long profile of De Beers’ chief information officer.


From the blog:

Piecing Together the Scott Kay Story

The Time a Multimillion Dollar Red Diamond Nearly Fell From the Roof of a Luxury Hotel



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