Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


Fortunoff launches jewelry venture.

– Interview with people behind new company.


Shane files reorganization plan.

– Official court filing. (PDF)


David Kwiat dies. Our thoughts are with his family.


Marange-a-palooza! Diamonds now “un-banned.”

– First Zimbabwe diamond sale nets $71 million.

– “Big money” arrivesin country.

– How are profits being distributed?

– RapNet still banning Marange stones.

– Prime Minister calms expectations, is “impressed” with security.

– South Africa hails.

– Government press upbeat.

– Miners pledge “transparency.” (Again, government press.)

– KP agreement brings country “out from the cold.”

– WSJ talks to monitors.

– Mining minister: Villagers first found diamonds.


Mob connection in diamond district heist ring.


D and M sues Olga Mirimskay/Moti Spector.


Bidz 2Q results show loss.


Analysts: Blue Nile has “highest efficiency” in retail.


Alrosa sales, profits up. (PDF)


Namdeb eyes turnaround strategy.


If you’re not bored by this Naomi Campbell thing …

– Campbell’s testimony disputed by ex-agent and Mia Farrow.

– Model maintains she told truth.

– Interesting FT article on her testimony (which doesn’t really mention diamonds.)

– Local group wants diamonds back.

– Affair’s given blood diamond issue “most coverage” in three years.

– Sierra Leone residents appalled at media focus.

– Will she be offered jewelry ads? DIC gets its say.

– Campbell does some post-testimony yachting with DiCaprio, in kind of a “blood diamond”-related celebrity hall of fame.

– The trade press weighs in: Thoughts from Charles Wyndham, Avi KrawitzEdahn Golan.  (And me last week.)


Houston robbery ends with salesperson beaten.


Jeweler stiffed by “potato chip queen.”

– Jacob the Jeweler sues Wycleaf Jean.


Russell Simmons fights with blog over “Blood Diamond Russ” nickname.


Woman drops engagement ring into surf. Double oy.


The Bachelorette engagement ring.


Media Watch:

AP story on Zimbabwe diamonds. Gets Rapaport’s former title very very wrong

– The entire industry seems to love this Wall Street Journal op-ed on conflict diamonds, except for me. Look at the
comments, it doesn’t seem to have changed many minds.

US News says don’t buy diamonds.

Real Deal article on Extell Gem Tower.


From the Blog:

Interviewwith People Behind the New Fortunoff.

David Kwiat Dies.


Have a great weekend …



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