Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


Fortunoff launches
jewelry venture.

– Interview with people
behind new company.


Shane files
reorganization plan.

– Official court
. (PDF)


David Kwiat dies. Our thoughts are with his family.


Diamonds now “un-banned.”

– First Zimbabwe diamond sale
nets $71 million.

– “Big money” arrives
in country.

– How are profits
being distributed?

– RapNet still banning Marange

– Prime Minister calms
, is “impressed”
with security.

– South Africa hails.

– Government press upbeat.

– Miners pledge “transparency.”
(Again, government press.)

– KP agreement brings country “out
from the cold.”

– WSJ talks
to monitors.

– Mining minister: Villagers
first found diamonds.


Mob connection in
diamond district heist ring.


D and M sues Olga
Mirimskay/Moti Spector.


Bidz 2Q results show


Analysts: Blue Nile has “highest efficiency” in


Alrosa sales, profits up. (PDF)


Namdeb eyes
turnaround strategy.


If you’re not bored
by this Naomi Campbell thing …

– Campbell’s testimony disputed by ex-agent
and Mia

– Model maintains she
told truth.

– Interesting FT
on her testimony (which doesn’t really mention diamonds.)

– Local group wants
diamonds back.

– Affair’s given blood diamond issue “most
coverage” in three years.

– Sierra Leone residents appalled
at media focus.

– Will she be offered jewelry ads? DIC gets
its say.

– Campbell does some post-testimony yachting with
, in kind of a “blood diamond”-related celebrity hall of fame.

– The trade press weighs in: Thoughts from Charles
, Avi Krawitz,
Edahn Golan.  (And me
last week


Houston robbery ends
with salesperson beaten.


Jeweler stiffed
by “potato chip queen.”

– Jacob the Jeweler sues
Wycleaf Jean.


Russell Simmons fights with blog over
“Blood Diamond Russ” nickname.


Woman drops engagement ring into
. Double oy.


The Bachelorette engagement


Media Watch:

AP story
on Zimbabwe diamonds. Gets Rapaport’s former title very very wrong.

– The entire industry seems to love this
Wall Street Journal op-ed on conflict diamonds
, except for me. Look at the
comments, it doesn’t seem to have changed many minds.

says don’t buy diamonds. 

Deal article
on Extell Gem Tower.


From the Blog:

with People Behind the New Fortunoff.

Kwiat Dies.


Have a great weekend …



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