Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This week. New picture says an Apple watch is coming this fall. Gold could be headed for a big drop. Is it bizarre to work at Amazon? All below.


Jewelry sales could fall this Mother’s Day.


The industry’s past vs. its future.

– How the millennials will change retail.

– Why the industry should change its advertising.


Customers saying no to higher diamond prices, Blue Nile says.

– Has company lost its mojo?

Earning call transcript.


Good wrap-up of the AGS Conclave.

– Doug Parker wins the AGS Shipley Award.

– Announces new president, board of directors.


GIA aims to turn around its long turnarounds.


Should you disclose that your diamond’s a trade-in?

– The case for buying off the street.


Scio Diamond shareholders don’t like “poison pill.” 

– CEO, board punch back.

– Reports increase in production.


Michelle Graff and Edahn Golan take aim at last week’s NYT lab-grown article.

– The Guardian writes its own piece.


Charles & Colvard sales, profits fall.

Earning call transcript.


Amazon opens Wearable Tech store.


iWatch looking for a fall launch.


Gold looks like it will get slammed.


Marchesa introduces jewelry collection.


JudeFrances cofounder leaves company.


Louis Vuitton argues “red gold” is generic term.


Deutsche Bank resigns seat on gold fix.


Conflict minerals rule not being delayed, SEC chair says.

– Firms playing for time.

– SEC guidance.


Rio Tinto sues Beny Steinmetz (over tin).

Legal papers.


Ivory Coast diamonds no longer embargoed.


Diamonds, ivory fund war in Central African Republic, group says.


Diamonds bring gold rush dreams to the Arctic.


“Diamonds are a farmer’s best friend.”


Why the Surat rough sourcing cooperative failed.

– India debates: Surat or Mumbai?


Zimbabwe hopes to hold its own auctions.


World Diamond Council elects new board. As Charlotte Preston noted on Facebook, there is not one woman on the board.


Sterling appoints two senior VPs.


Stuller announces sustainability commitment.


Bill Clinton visits Shinola Watch factory.

– Claims to wear two.


New rent-a-Rolex service.


Brilliance.com launches new try-it-on 3-D feature.


Chow Tai Fook invests $65 million in website.


Avi Krawitz: The Chinese market’s consolidating.


Natural pearl pair fetches record $3.3 million.


Sotheby’s auction sets world record for sapphire.


Buyout may be coming at DGSE.


Woman claims jeweler switched her necklace with fake.


Macy’s drops prosecution against alleged shoplifter to avoid racial profiling charge.


Salesperson snobbery pays off, study says.


Legendary “grandmother” jewel thief cops another plea.


Inside Amazon’s bizarre corporate culture.


Warren Buffett–autographed diamonds being sold at Borsheims.


The George Clooney engagement ring.

– It was ethical.


Media Watch:

– XOJane writer loves hand-me-down engagement ring.

– San Francisco newspaper profiles Brilliant Earth.

– Techdirt on how diamonds could be useful.

– Business Insider impressed at how watches are made.

The Onion uncovers cursed Kay jewelry. (Video; satire)


From the blog:

Should You Disclose That Your Diamond’s a Trade-In?

The Industry’s Past vs. Its Future

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