Cathy Waterman for $175! Who’s In?

And yes, it’s a charity thing. Because that’s how our industry’s leaders are using their influence to bring about change, whether it’s COVID-19 relief, the crisis in Beirut, BLM, or protecting wildlife.

In this case, however, this very nicely priced Cathy Waterman design (pictured above) is part of a project spearheaded by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, a good friend of the designer who has also worn her pieces on the red carpet.

Curtis recently launched My Hand in Yours, an online artists collective that donates 100% of the proceeds from sales to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Waterman’s pendant landed on the site yesterday, and perfectly exemplifies Curtis’ mission: according to the site, to offer a new “meaningful object of comfort” every two weeks, one that “strengthen[s] emotional bonds” and reflects this idea in shape, form, flow, and function.

As for Waterman’s pendant, which dropped yesterday, “The My Hand in Yours charm will accompany the wearer through the many ups and downs that add up to a life,” said Waterman. “You will not be alone; there will always be a hand to hold.”

In times like these, I can think of about 100 people who would appreciate (read: need rather desperately) the sentiment behind such a trinket. And at $175, it’s a rare chance to add an affordable Waterman piece to your collection while contributing to a humanitarian effort.

A gold version of the charm is available by special order only.

Cathy Waterman hand in yours charm
Cathy Waterman My Hand in Yours charms. A framable card bearing an inspirational quote by Jamie Lee Curtis’ mentor Mark Nepo from his bestselling Book of Awakening comes with each purchase.

Since it’s been a while since JCK has covered Waterman, my most pressing question, beyond the particulars of the My Hand in Yours collaboration, had to do with the rising—and rapidly fluctuating—price of gold.

What does a veteran designer like her recommend doing in the current situation?

“Gold has always fluctuated in times of change,” she says. “I expected lots of ups and downs in advance of the 2020 election, but didn’t expect it to be so very wild, but what should I have expected? 2020 is a wild year. We have had some price increases as the cost of gold and labor has gone up, but we take the long view and wait to watch the market before we rush into such increases. This time we will wait it out and see where it is by the end of the year.”

Wait and see: 2020 definitely has us well trained to do just that.


Top: From the Cathy Waterman pendant description on My Hand in Yours: “My dear friend, Jamie Lee Curtis, and I have held hands as we walk through life side-by-side. It’s comforting to know that should either of us take a tumble, the other will find an outstretched hand ready to lift them back up.”

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Amy Elliott

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