Britt’s Pick: Rainbow Earrings by Rivka Friedman

We’re still in the midst of rainbow mania—happily so, I might add—so you won’t be surprised to find a great deal of multicolor variations at JCK Las Vegas.

If the ’90s fashion renaissance—platform sandals, tie-dye, neon—is any indication, it’s a wonderful time to be having fun with our wardrobes. As someone who really grew up in the ’90s, I am loving this stroll down memory lane—and lamenting the numerous styles that used to line my closet. Oh, how I’d love to revisit them!

But anyway, color: Embrace it, because colorful styles are here to stay. Sure, they may wax and wane in demand, but right here, right now, it’s rainbow time. There are plenty of exquisite styles on the market right now rich with multicolor gemstones, and they are so, so good. But not all of your customers can splash their cash on fine jewelry, or if they can, some might be reluctant to do so on a style they are doubtful of wearing daily, or say, in two year’s time. So having a few fashion options on hand—from a sterling silver price point to a few fun costume jewels—would be a good idea to tempt those seeking color at a cost that’s easier on their budget.

These earrings from Rivka Friedman do that wonderfully. They’re made in 18k gold–plated brass and decorated with a descending line of round colored crystals, imparting a rainbow effect. And, at just $199 suggested retail, they’ll hit the mark for those looking for a fun self-purchase or gift that won’t break the bank. I love these for a family member’s graduation gift—a cheerful style to send them off to college with, something to be worn any time, anywhere.

You’ll find Rivka Friedman Jewelry at JCK Las Vegas this year, in the First Look neighborhood, booth number 51030.

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Top: Reverse graduated earrings in 18k gold–plated brass with rainbow crystals, $199

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