Britt’s Pick: Eight Point Heart Pendant by Pamela Zamore

Medallion jewelry appears to be experiencing a surge in popularity at the moment. It’s one of those styles that is arguably a staple in many jewelry stores, so rather than having only a few on hand, you’d be smart to stock up.

And that’s easy to do, with the variety that’s currently available. Oh, the options! I’ve been poring over a robust realm of medallions over the last couple of months or so—I’ve even written about a few—just in awe of how lovely they all are. With each designer’s new input, out comes a completely different style, making it difficult to choose, true, but more apt for collecting (and medallions positively thrive in groups).

Image via: @barriluxco

So when I opened up my Instagram to be greeted with the photo above (which I also included in this article from yesterday), I knew I was in trouble (or at least, my bank account is).

Medallions are typically rounded—by definition, a medallion is “an oval or circular painting, panel, or design used to decorate a building or textile,” but the jewelry definition—“a piece of jewelry in the shape of a medal”—technically says nothing about its shape.

Which is what makes Pamela Zamore’s version so extraordinary. The heart is a simple, rather common shape and is no stranger to being a jewelry feature, certainly. But then why does this particular example feel so refreshing?

Probably because, after seeing round after round of coin-shape pendants—new, vintage, silver, gold—the heart shape was all like, “Bam! Look at me!”

While it does stand out for being relatively different from its medallion-style counterparts, Zamore’s Eight Point heart, with an image of the star at its center, coexists with other pendants very well. The designer’s website shows it worn with similar pieces from her collection—one round, the other, an oval—and it looks better than good. As a writer I should have better words for this, but I just get lost in staring at it, melting into its golden goodness.

For those shopping for an amazing holiday gift, this option ticks the most-wanted box, with an air of romance that makes heart jewelry look cool—and not just for Valentine’s Day. (Though, if I don’t see this under the Christmas tree, I will be expecting heart-shape things on Valentine’s Day next year.)

This piece is from Zamore’s Sky collection, which I covered back in June.

Top: Eight Point heart pendant in 18k yellow gold with 0.06 ct. diamond, $3,650

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