The 8 Instagram Posts Inspiring My Holiday Wish List

It’s the time of year when your customers start thinking about snatching up something new, whether for themselves or someone special. I know I’m feeling the need for some new accessories to settle into the season with, eyeing a number of medallion pendants, gold link chains, and stud earrings especially. Fortunately, the holidays are coming up, so there is reason to start taking stock of what I truly want to make mine (whether self-gifted or otherwise).

And let me tell you, that wish list is growing long. It’s so hard to choose just one thing when there is a surplus of cool options out there. It’s even harder when those options are styled to perfection, making you desire them even more. Or worse (for my wallet and Santa’s, anyway)—when they have you longing for something you didn’t even know you needed.

Image via: @carbonandhyde

Image via: @julielambny

I don’t tell you this to make you care about my wish list (unless you happen to be wondering what to get me this year, then pay attention!), but there is a reason I’m putting this out there: Styling jewelry for Instagram can be so important for sales. Yes, a piece of jewelry can look spectacular on a professionally done white background photo—you should definitely share pictures your vendors have given you in their marketing kits (we work with pictures like that all the time on JCKonline!). But when you have access to any number of pieces in your store that you can share in the flesh (er, in the metal?), it inspires. It really does.

Image via: @sirciamjewelry

Image via: @barriluxco

Last Friday I blogged about the Kite collection by Page Sargisson because I saw one of her earrings on the ear of an Instagram user. That will most certainly be my next self-purchase. And a number of the images you see here have inspired new additions to my holiday wish list (the marketing photos of which I’ve seen and appreciated), but nothing has created that sense of must-have urgency like gold against skin, pendant party, or ear gathering.

Image via: @januaryjones

Image via: @shayjewelry

It’s the difference between seeing a dress on a hanger and on a human—which do you think is more likely to sell? And that’s the same reason why your Instagram—and your retail website, especially—should be well stocked with images of real people wearing the jewelry. Not only might it inspire your customers with the ways they can wear something (if you group things together, maybe they’ll need more than one item!), but it also shows scale, and that’s hugely important for online shoppers. If you were ever looking for a way to ramp up the sales action on your website, modeled shots are the way to do it. By all means, use the white background photo as your main shot—it creates a clean look on your site, and up-close details make it easy for customers to surf through your options—but make one of your secondary photos showing how the piece is worn. Jewelry can be an item that people feel more comfortable touching and trying on in store, but as internet sales grow, you might as well grow with them.

Image via: @carrie_elizabeth_jewellery

Here are some of the pictures that were literally selling me on things this week—take note as you’re planning your holiday marketing strategy (also take note if you happen to be my Secret Santa!).

(Top image via: @zoechiccojewelry)

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