Britt’s Pick: Tourmaline and Opal Bead Necklace by Jacquie Aiche

Jewelry purchases have had the appearance of being very sentimental during this pandemic period—we’ve seen the popularity of engravable pendants, lockets, custom nameplate necklaces, initials, charms, talismans, and more. Each of these styles is excellent for grouping and layering, contributing to the neck-mess mantra of more is more.

But lately what I’ve enjoyed most in my encounters of these multi-necklace collections, usually while scrolling through Instagram, are the additions of gemstone bead necklaces (sometimes the beads are made of glass and other materials too). Maybe these are less personalized pieces, but they’re not necessarily any less sentimental, and they give a really fun pop of color to layers that are typically all yellow or white gold or a mix of the two.

This necklace from Jacquie Aiche is the epitome of colorful fun, with an elegance that comes as an unexpected but welcome addition. A rainbow row of multicolor gemstone beads is a free-spirited look that invigorates as it impresses, a piece that is perfect for summer and autumn attire.

The beaded necklace—an inspiring lineup of multicolor opals arranged in a color-blocked pattern—feels luxe but approachable, with Aiche’s signature bohemian vibe that instantly relaxes and exudes cool. The center blue-green tourmaline, though, outlined in a frame of diamonds and rose gold, contrasts the casual aesthetic but in a way that instantly makes sense somehow, even if it shouldn’t. It sort of reminds me of the days when women would fasten a spectacular brooch onto the strands of their pearls, though that combination is neither as colorful nor as avant-garde as this. It’s like a grown-up candy bead necklace, looking good enough to eat but far and away longer lasting.

This combination plays so well that Aiche has an entire line of styles featuring the look, from multicolor opals to dark blue and pink ones and beads of aquamarine and turquoise. They’ll cost you quite a bit more than the candy necklaces of yore, but they’re exponentially more worthwhile.

Top: Necklace in rose gold with multicolor opal beads, blue-green tourmaline, and diamonds, price on request; Jacquie Aiche

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