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Britt’s Pick: Opal Star Pendant By Christina Alexiou


Opals are mesmerizing enough on their own, but when combined with equally entrancing metalwork, they’re positively unstoppable.

Such is the sentiment fitting for Christina Alexiou’s one-of-a-kind treasure here, an eight-point star of gold surrounding the luminously lovely October birthstone.

The piece is hand-set, its granulated gold dots placed on the shape with a bird’s feather, an ancient technique used in Greek craftsmanship. “It took me several months to perfect and create my opal granulated star pendant. I used an ancient technique that involved placing small grains of gold on top of a gold surface with a bird’s feather, specifically a woodcock’s feather,” says the Athens, Greece–born Alexiou. “Making the process even more involved, it had to be a navigation feather that came from the woodcock’s elbow, which aids in steering while flying.”

Though the piece is newly made, it certainly has a bygone aura about it, perhaps owed to the designer’s influence. “I was inspired by an ancient Greek charm necklace that I stumbled upon, which incorporated a granulated star,” says Alexiou. “I wanted to create a contemporary and fresh iteration of it.”

Is it coincidence that the opal at the center glows with the fire of the brightest star viewed from Earth, the sun? Maybe so, though the choice of gem was intentional. “I wanted to incorporate an opal into this design, as I thought a vibrant stone would add a playful element and give the star a lively feel,” Alexiou says. “Also, this particular opal is very iridescent, and its multiple colors really complement the star’s sculptural quality and depth created by the small handcrafted grains.”

This unique piece is a treasure worth cherishing, but if other celestial bodies are of interest, might we suggest Christina Alexiou’s Space Oddity collection? Seems the creator has a knack for making things that are out of this world.

Top: One-of-a-kind granulated star pendant in 18k yellow gold with 3.2 ct. opal, $3,010; Christina Alexiou

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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