Britt’s Pick: Opal and Sapphire Necklace by Trésor

It’s been wonderfully fun seeing the massive amounts of creativity on display when looking through the myriad photos on Instagram that feature layering necklaces. The concept elevates even a basic T-shirt, a look that’s amazingly chic and representative of an individual’s taste and style.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a collection of vintage pendants, and I dream of an assortment of meaningful charms. For that sort of thing to come together, time and patience are necessary—especially if you want it done right. In an effort to live more sustainably, and shop consciously, I’m trying to let this come together slowly, organically.

Not so good for instant gratification.

For that, let’s look to a statement necklace. The look is more one and done and about eye-catching attire and less about a personal curation of talismans. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, particularly for those with a thing for jewelry (and a desire for effortless style).

Abiding by my own rules of slow living (or trying to, anyway), let’s say we can only select one. For that, this colorful concoction by Trésor is a contender.

To start, it’s a magical mess of opals—not its only winning feature, but the most convincing one, anyway. I’d say no one would care what T-shirt you had on (even that long-sought-after vintage concert tee) with this mesmerizing piece around the neck.

But it’s not just casual wear this piece will steal the spotlight from—imagine how it would pop against a little black dress, how fun it would be paired with a leopard-print blouse, how amazing it would be with a pantsuit. Name an article of clothing, and this will suit it well. Yes, even workout clothes (though please, I beg you, don’t wear this to the gym).

That the piece contains more than 84 carats of Ethiopian opals and blue sapphires—and retails for $16,250—means it’s not quite the casual throw-on-and-go that those layers of pendants could be. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be worn every day (for those splurging on a purchase like this, every day wear may be the justification). Whether stored in a vault or atop a dresser, worn regularly or on occasion, extra-special TLC will keep this beauty looking alive for a long, long time. And just because it isn’t a collection of personal charms doesn’t mean it is without meaning—featuring the birthstones of September and October, this is a beautiful representation of spouses, partners, or kids, if their birthdays fall in those months. Or, maybe one just likes opals and sapphires—who doesn’t?

Top: Necklace in 18k yellow gold with 84.25 cts. t.w. Ethiopian opals and sapphires, $16,250

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