Britt’s Pick: Convertible Pill Link Necklace by Deborah Pagani

Even though most of us aren’t venturing out to shop in stores, attend fashion shows, or partake in social events, that hasn’t stopped many from buying, collecting, and showing off their jewelry (thank goodness for social media and Zoom calls for that reason alone right now).

Though collecting charms isn’t anything new, it feels as if more and more people are doing it. One quick scroll through Instagram reveals all sorts of gorgeous charm layouts, whether for sale or for show, and even just a person’s candid or lifestyle post shows them wearing a charm or two in many instances. I think especially now, while we’re looking for new ways to give ourselves a hint of happy, the thrill of the hunt—especially where vintage charms are concerned—is catching on for more and more shoppers.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up a charm collection for myself (how can one not be tempted?), but it’s the one golden link that holds them all together that I’ve got my eye on first—a really good chain.

It must be where my head is, because often I’m noticing the chain before even looking over the charms I see pictured everywhere. Paper clip–style chains in particular have been very popular, and it’s easy to see why. They’re just as lovely worn unadorned as strung with dangling treasures, and they’re versatile to boot. Yes, I think the first step on my personal charm journey is the chain, and I have found one that is so irresistible I don’t know how I’m going to talk myself out of it.

Deborah Pagani convertible Pill link necklace
Deborah Pagani’s 22-inch convertible Pill link necklace

Deborah Pagani’s Pill link necklace has so many elements to love. Its large, glossy paper clip links are charm-ready but large enough that the piece favors stand-alone wear (the addition of extra adornments would be, I think, super bold, maximalist, and overall just wonderful).

Deborah Pagani Pill link necklace as a choker
Deborah Pagani’s convertible Pill link necklace styled as a choker

The best part about this handmade piece, though? It’s convertible. Like, super convertible. The designer’s website shows it styled five different ways: choker length, as a lariat (my favorite), swooped into a two-strand style, worn at its full 22-inch length, and, finally, as a bracelet.

Deborah Pagani convertible Pill link necklace
Deborah Pagani’s Pill link necklace, doubled back

One single large Pill link is detailed with gemstones and enamel (which can be customized), while three of the other links are accented with enamel for visual interest.

Deborah Pagani convertible Pill necklace as bracelet
Deborah Pagani’s convertible Pill necklace styled as a bracelet

Priced at just under $14,000, it’s not exactly a quick pick-me-up purchase for most shoppers, but if you consider that it’s basically a collection of pieces in one, so versatile it can be worn every single day no matter what, it’s handmade, and, oh my goodness, just look at how gorgeous it is, maybe that’s not too bad after all.

Top: Convertible Pill link necklace in 18k yellow gold with black enamel and diamonds, $13,900

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