Breitling Says Ads With Scantily Clad Women Are Outdated

Breitling has halted recent ad campaigns that show scantily clad women adoring cool watch-wearing pilots, calling them outdated, the watch company’s CEO told a Swiss advertising publication.

Georges Kern, who was appointed to the CEO role last summer, told Weber Woche that he halted the spots “immediately.”

“There are certainly customers who found [them] funny and good,” he said. “But such spots are definitely outdated and do not reflect the values of today’s society. ”

The New York Post also reported that the watch brand has eliminated racy artwork from its retail stores and cut out scantily-clad women from its ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Kern said he had a similar experience when he headed rival watch brand IWC, and he put the kibosh on a controversial brand ad campaign that said that an IWC watch was “almost as complicated as a woman. Except it’s on time.”

A Breitling spokesperson did not return a request from JCK for further comment.

Kern also told the newspaper that Breitling is financially healthy and aims to be the largest watch brand in the world.

He also said that he wants to keep the brand’s focus on aviation, but also further connect it with culture and sports.

In April 2017, CVC Capital Partners bought an 80 percent stake in the previously independent Swiss watch firm for a reported $870 million.


This YouTube video features one of the ads produced for the discontinued campaigns.

(Top image: Breitling store in Sydney, Australia, from Flickr)

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  • RichG

    I like the ads personally. They are classic and motivating.

  • Gerry Lewy

    Just what were they selling, fantastic watches or sex? So glad that they’ve changed their advertising methods.

  • Peggy Jo Donahue

    At long last.

  • Peggy Jo Donahue

    At long last…

  • Swiss watch companies will eventually go out of business and it is going to keep declining into the future. No one cares about wearing these watches. Rolex might survive as it still holds a solid name.