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10 Tips for Jewelers to Avoid Break-ins This Holiday Weekend


The Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) is reminding store owners that crime sometimes rises over holidays, so they should take precautions before closing for Thanksgiving.

“There are major burglary losses during virtually every holiday period,” says JSA president John Kennedy. “Risks are high during the night before a holiday when a jeweler will be closed, or the night of the holiday itself.”

To prevent a break-in from ruining your holiday, the JSA offers jewelry store owners the following advice:

– Respond to all alarm signals promptly, including notices of communication errors or power interruptions. Kennedy says this is his No. 1 recommendation, so every owner should make sure at least one employee is available to respond.

– After an alarm goes off, the employee should not enter the store alone, but should wait to be accompanied by a police officer.

– Consider any unexplained power or phone outage at the store a red flag, as burglars may cut store power lines to see who responds. If there’s a power outage, examine the junction box. Kennedy says there have recently been cases where thieves use cell phone jammers and other sophisticated devices.

– When you inspect the store, examine all possible points of entry, not only the ground-floor doors and windows but also the roof and side walls. Rooftop burglaries have become more common, as have break-ins from next door.

– Check with your alarm company that alarms provide protection from roof entry, side walls, and any other possible points of entry.

– Run periodic tests of the alarm system.

– Don’t leave merchandise out at night in showcases. Lock all items away in a safe. Displaying even inexpensive merchandise might attract burglars, who, even if they don’t take anything valuable, can cause considerable damage. In addition, thieves could steal enough low-end items to add up to a considerable loss.

– Don’t cover showcases with cloth or any other material when the store is closed. Instead, make sure the cases look (and are) empty.

– Get better safes than those rated TL 15×6 and TL 30×6. Burglars can enter break into them with tools from Home Depot.

– Don’t put a safe in an outside wall or a wall shared with a neighboring business, as that’s where burglars sometimes come in.

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By: Rob Bates

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