5 Low-Profile Engagement Rings for Safe, Easy Wear


There are numerous, sometimes seemingly endless options for engagement rings. Your customer really wants a halo. No, vintage. No, solitaire. Actually, how about skip the diamond altogether and opt for a sapphire or aquamarine? All good considerations. One characteristic of the engagement ring that is important no matter what the design is the height. When working in retail, I recall this as a pretty commonly voiced concern, particularly for shoppers whose betrothed worked in a profession that requires gloves, such as the medical field (and when you work at a jewelry store in the suburbs of Raleigh and Chapel Hill, N.C., chances are, many customers are in that field).

Sholdt Ranier collection engagement ring



Verragio Insignio collection diamond engagement ring



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One suggestion would, of course, be to wear what you want, and put the ring around your neck (as pictured above) for the moments when it can’t be worn. But you know what? People are so sentimental. They want to keep that ring right where they can feel it at all times—on their hand. So the best option for them would be to choose a ring that’s low profile. The concern may be that without the height, not as much light would get through and shine from the diamond. But there are a number of gorgeous designs that sparkle just right, without the risk of knocking the ring on every object that it comes into contact with, or fear that the prongs will stick into everything (particularly those rubber gloves).

Yael Designs Novelique Clare engagement ring

A great look that minimizes risk is the half-bezel setting. My first experience with a bezel setting was in a chunky, white-gold setting, and I was not too impressed. But after a few years of seeing what’s out there, I’ve been converted. Incorporate a high-quality diamond, and you’ve got quite a stunner!

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Omi Prive three-stone sapphire halo engagement ring 

Omi Privé


Harout R three-row diamond engagement ring

Harout R

For those who prefer something prong set, no problem! In fact, brides-to-be can have anything they wish for, including those still sought-after halo looks, available in a number of low-profile settings. Just goes to show that there truly is something out there for everyone—every budget, every lifestyle, every taste. All one needs to do is ask.

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