23 of the Best Jewelry Reads of 2020

As I do every year, I’m spotlighting my favorite articles from 2020 on jewelry and related industries and topics that did not appear on JCKonline.

And once again, let me apologize in advance for leaving out many excellent pieces and writers from this roundup.

In any case, I hope the following gives everyone plenty of food for thought during this winter and any new lockdowns. Stay safe, happy, and well-informed:


How Alex and Ani’s jewelry empire fell apart.


The New Yorker on how Lucara is “shaking up the diamond industry.”

You know Sierra Leone’s diamond diggers. Do you know the diamond divers?

“The most scandalous diamonds in history.”

Stories of diamond rings that were lost and found.

Wittiest ways rappers have described diamonds.


Five emerging trends of retail’s new normal.

Saks CEO on how to save department stores.

Influencers are the retailers of the 2020s.

The “fake wealth” industry making influencers look rich.

How to hire people who don’t look like you.

Will well-being become the luxury trend of the future?


Victoria Gomelsky traces 100 years of watch history.

GQ and Texas Monthly examine the past—and future—of Neiman Marcus and the decline of luxury Americana.

The long history of Lord & Taylor.


Americans who make gem mining their full-time job.

The precious metal trading desk cops called a “crime ring.”

The “five stages of earring loss.”

Living with the “fear of jewelry.”

New York Times writer finds solace in her jewelry box.

The “strange tale of Nelson Mandela’s gold-cast hands.”

Seinfeld had a safe to hold Elaine’s jewelry.

And if that’s not enough to get you through this long winter when you probably shouldn’t go out much, there’s GIA’s best reads from its digital archive, my colleague Emili Vesilind’s best binge-worthy distractions, and of course, this book.

Happy reading! And here’s to a happier 2021.

This is my last blog post of the year. I look forward to seeing you all in person in the months ahead. Have a safe, happy, and healthy new year!

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