30 of the Best Jewelry Reads of 2022

30 of the Best Jewelry Reads of 2022


Snowed in? Flight canceled? Then you’ve got plenty of time to devote to these industry stories. Happy clicking!

As I do every year, I would like to spotlight my favorite 2022 articles on jewelry and related industries and topics that had the nerve not to appear on JCKonline.com.

And as I also do every year, I apologize in advance for leaving out many excellent pieces and writers from this roundup.

The end of the year is always a time for reflection and taking stock. We hope the following 30 pieces give you a few things to think about.


Colorful watches
Photo: Getty Images

It turns out television sells lots of watches


Designers find consignment “a touchy subject”



counterfeit designer jewelry
Counterfeit designer jewelry (photos courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Jewelry counterfeit problem keeps getting worse


The story of the 1987 Argyle gem heist


Who murdered an elderly jewelry salesman?


How England’s biggest home burglary was cracked


The 1870 San Francisco great diamond hoax



diamond fluorescence Getty
Photo: Getty Images

MIT student mines valuable insights from diamonds


Edahn Golan on the lab-grown diamond contradiction


Snopes on whether it really rains diamonds on other planets



Man in illegal mine in South Africa
A worker in an illegal mine in South Africa (photo: Getty Images)

Diamond diggers in South Africa risk their lives


The New York Times looks at tailings failure at Jagersfontein, South Africa


Lab-grown diamond makers buff up green credentials



Lenore Fedow remembers her mom through her jewelry


Reporter gets jewelry permanently welded to wrist



Brecken Branstrator: What I learned following the veins of East Africa’s mines


Profile of modern-day Indiana Jones Yianni Melas



Chopard precious lace paraiba tourmaline necklace sketch
A sketch of the Chopard Precious Lace paraiba tourmaline necklace, a salute to the jewelry house’s Precious Lace symbol (photo courtesy of Chopard)

The not-so-famous symbols of jewelry houses


The stories behind six jewelry stores with unusual names


Most luxury brands will disappear by 2030


91-one-year-old jeweler still goes to work every day



Worried online retailer
Photo: Getty Images

The great post-COVID online shopping bet was a costly delusion


Everything on Amazon has become an ad


Intimate look at Rent the Runway’s turbulent year


How Shopify outfoxed Amazon



Jane Seymour spoofs her own jewelry ads


The story behind Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


Lucille Ball’s unique engagement ring



hand with Le Vian rings JCK instagram
@JCKmagazine is full of sparkle, especially when we’re at the JCK show

The New Yorker: Everyone can be Liz Taylor on jewelry Instagram

TikTok is helping people locate their lost engagement rings.

Top: Getty Images

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