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From JCK Magazine

Average Engagement Ring Spend Up in 2014, Says The Knot
March 13, 2015
By Logan Sachon, Social Media Journalist
Couples spent an average of $5,855 on their engagement ring in 2014, up from $5,598 in 2013, according to The Knot 2014 Real Weddings Survey.  The annual survey asked 16,000 people married...
9 Bridal Rings That Think Outside the Box
February 12, 2015
By JCK Staff
We love a princess-cut diamond and a white gold halo setting as much as anyone. But when it comes to bridal jewelry, why not think outside the (ring) box?     
Personalization and Customization Make Modern Weddings Affairs to Remember
February 7, 2015
By Kristin Young
Bridezillas are so yesterday. Gone is the over-the-top, ostentatious quest for the perfect wedding. Instead, brides are pursuing smaller, more intimate affairs with comparatively unassuming...
How Stone Fox Bride Creative Director Molly Guy Helps Brides Tell Their Stories
February 7, 2015
By Victoria Gomelsky, Editor-in-Chief
The shrillness of a ringing phone disrupts the serenity of a quiet November morning in the Stone Fox Bride showroom in New York City. Creative director Molly Guy glances in its direction. “This is...
Why Bridal Jewelry Retailers Are Getting Personal
February 7, 2015
By Emili Vesilind, Senior Editor
Walking into the Catbird Wedding Annex in Brooklyn feels a little like stepping into the bedroom of a preternaturally sophisticated teenager, circa 1982.A hot-white neon sign reading Oh My Stars...
Bridal: The Case for a Celebrations Category and Lisa Jenks’ Commitment Collection
January 2, 2015
By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor
What’s in a Name?In a fall 2014 webinar, Bernadette Smith urged jewelers to exchange the term bridal jewelry for something more gay-friendly.“If a man walks into your store, he could be...
Bridal: Larkspur & Hawk’s Bridal Accessories
October 31, 2014
By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor
Foiled AgainSix-year-old Larkspur & Hawk has added bridal ­jewelry–­specific accessories to its Georgian-era, foil-backed line. The ­Larkspur & Hawk Bridal Jewelry collection features...
Bridal: Just Jules’ Bar Pin Rings and Yellow Gold by Tacori Gold
October 5, 2014
By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor
Raising the Bar PinAbout five years ago, Julie Bergstein Romanenko, the designer behind the Just Jules line, bought a vintage bar pin because she loved the locket attached to it. She ended up...
Old, New, Electric, Blue
September 15, 2014
By Logan Sachon, Social Media Journalist
The old English rhyme that calls for a bride to wear “something blue” on her wedding day is usually interpreted as an article of dress, like a garter belt. But London-based designer Lauren Adriana...
The Ring Cycles
September 15, 2014
By Kristin Young
Last year, JCK featured the results of The Knot’s 2013 bridal survey, which asked 14,000 brides and 1,750 grooms to answer key questions concerning the bridal jewelry-buying process. ­Couples were...
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