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Las Vegas Jeweler Finds Passion in Social Awareness

Las Vegas Jeweler Finds Passion in Social Awareness

MJ Christensen Diamonds, based in Las Vegas, is kickstarting a campaign titled “Ethical Affair,” which will inform customers about the ways their purchases help the socioeconomic development of diamond-producing countries.

“Attending JCK Las Vegas in June, I was inspired by others I met, including leaders of the Diamond Empowerment Fund and Diamond Development Initiative,” says Jennifer Miller, the company’s director of marketing. “I was compelled to take responsibility.”

Miller and her company passionately believe in providing a voice for those who do not have the opportunity to speak out on certain issues. “As members of the jewelry industry, we must educate and involve more members in the plight of those less fortunate in diamond producing nations,” she says.

The initiative reflects the company’s values: integrity first, creating loyal relationships, serving global and local communities, and establishing trust and values.

“Our call is to inspire and encourage other jewelers to make a difference,” Miller says. “Sales associates have the ability to promote social change.”

The company has also partnered with the Diamond Development Initiative and the Diamond Empowerment Fund to further benefit ethical diamond consumption.

“There is a wealth of opportunity in the world and it is our job/responsibility to hand out the gift of opportunity,” Miller says. “Each day we have the chance to bless someone else by simply sharing a story and that is a powerful, powerful gift. Education is empowering—let’s see to it that we all have the right to it!”

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