April 1, 1997

Affordable Platinum? Yes!

What’S New

internet & computers the jewelry information center was the first to publicize the ring featuring a 4.25-ct. flawless canary diamond worn by first lady hillary clinton during her husband’s inauguration in january, using its web site at http://jic.polygon.net. the site showed a picture of the “kahn canary” ring, which was designed by henry dunay and is owned by stanley kahn…

English Lessons

how do the british approach luxury jewelry retailing? the significant difference is that most luxury jewelers in london design their stores to resemble a drawing room rather than a store. there are few, if any, of the traditional american-style showcases that create a barrier between seller and buyer and force the buyer to spend most of his or her time looking down.

Luxury: The Real Thing

(pdonahue@chilton.net) luxury is a state of mind, believe many marketing experts. buy gourmet ice cream for $3 a pint and feel pampered. upgrade to first class using frequent flyer miles and feel rich. that is not, however, what our new jck luxury section is all about. we are well aware of luxury wannabes, those people who buy tiffany silver and dream.


today’s luxury customer wants to make a social splash without flaunting her wealth. south sea pearls make her feel like a natural woman. she’s developed a successful career, raised her children, dedicated herself to social causes and achieved financial success. she is today’s affluent woman – independent, educated and hard-working.

Book Reviews

not for us handbook of precious metals, by e.m. savitsky and alan prince. 1989. 600 pages. $175. (jck data eq-001) to order call (800) 821-8312. this book is named handbook of precious metals. it should be textbook of precious metals for miners and scientists. i found the 600-page book intimidating. for example, some of the chapter’s titles are “principal ores and minerals, principa…


snag conference to explore art “to share diversity and interaction within a legacy of light, space and color, and explore the wealth of traditional and inventive metalwork.” the mission statement of the society of north american goldsmiths conference, to be held in albuquerque, n.m., april 16-19, hints that the experience will be unique.

Fashion Facets

to carve a jewel an exhibit of jewelry by renowned italian artist gio pomodoro will be at the fashion institute of technology, new york, n.y., though april 26. pomodoro has returned to jewelry after 20 years as a sculptor. his jewelry evokes a vague, unidentifiable feeling of archaeology, yet he considers his pieces to be art for everyone.

Market Place

who do they trust, where did they buy? more consumers trust independent jewelers than any other jewelry outlet. almost half (48.5%) of the respondents in a nationwide consumer poll say that when making a buying decision based on the integrity and honesty of a jewelry source, they choose an independent retailer.

Security Beat

every year the jewelers’ security alliance receives numerous reports of clever thieves duping retail jewelers out of valuable merchandise. millions of dollars in merchandise is stolen, not by force but by trickery. thieves have fooled even the most experienced jewelry professionals. they’ve posed as doctors, foreign businesspeople, heirs to fortunes, professional athletes, sport sco…

White Metal Continues To Dazzle At JCK Orlando

white gold and platinum set the tone at the inaugural spring jck international jewelry show, held feb. 16-18 in orlando, fla. color, while available, was downplayed in favor of these strong, crisp neutrals. “we wrote a lot of platinum orders,” said terry newman of vartans manufacturing in los angeles, cal.


gia honors employees for service the gemological institute of america recently recognized five employees with the staff member of the year award. receiving the awards were eddi decsi, instructor; debbie hiss-odell, public relations manager; bev zimmerman, gia gem instruments credit and collections manager; sally ehmke, gia gem trade laboratory’s director of operations; and kim cino, admin…

Diamonds May Be Forever, But How They Are Sold Is Not

retailers like to discuss the issues of how their diamond business is being affected by treatments and synthetics, price changes and availability, certificates and appraisals. as important as these are, there’s a more fundamental change: a restructuring of the industry that calls into question whether jewelers will be able to sustain their diamond business.

Supplier News

omar torres moves offices designer omar torres has split from his partners and moved to a new location to continue designing independently. “my partners, who were capital investors, decided they didn’t want to be in the jewelry business anymore,” torres says. he plans to continue running his business on his own and recently debuted a new line at the jck international jewelry s…


colombia faces up to disclosure of emerald treatment a dramatic fall-off in worldwide demand for emeralds is forcing colombia to face up to the primary cause: gemstone treatment and a need for proper disclosure. much of the colombian production is impregnated with resins and epoxy resins, such as palm oil or opticon, as well as with more traditional treatments.


sound off: what do you think? in this column, members of the jewelry industry may state their views, wax poetic or otherwise pen their thoughts in slightly longer form than the traditional letter to the editor. we welcome your submissions. please send them to p.j. donahue, jck, one chilton way, radnor, pa 19089; fax (610) 964-4481, e-mail pdonahue@ chilton.

Affordable Platinum? Yes!

platinum is enjoying its first true resurgence in jewelry since the government declared it a strategic metal in world war ii, but its pricey image can turn off as many consumers as it turns on. while admittedly this isn’t jewelry for the promotional market, quality-minded consumers can find a growing amount of attractive platinum that doesn’t require the pentagon’s budget.

Retailer News

cartier opens third boutique in florida cartier recently opened a new boutique in boca raton. the retailer already has boutiques in palm beach, bal harbour and ft. lauderdale, fla.the new boutique, located in town center, includes jewelry, watches, silver, crystal, porcelain, pens, stationery, leather goods, fragrances, accessories and other gifts.

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