Worldwide Creativity Index

The jewelry-design industry may have its own ranking of creativity among countries (Italy would probably place at the top, perhaps followed by Brazil), but, according to a new index of creativity, neither even place in the top 10. The Florida Creativity Group states that creativity can be gauged by measuring talent, technology, and tolerance. And, according to the group’s founder, Richard Florida, the level of creativity has a strong impact on a country’s economy.

Unfortunately, his index doesn’t have the United States among the top three most creative countries, and Florida recently told Time magazine that, thanks to a siphoning off of both American and foreign talent (which, in the past, headed to the United States for education), it may fall even further from it’s No. 4 spot.

According to the index, the most creative countries are Sweden, Japan, and Finland. Following the United States at No. 4 are Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, and Germany.