What’s on Your Playlist?

“During special events after hours, we like what we call ‘Club Siebke.’ This ­station has plenty of good dance music. We like any dance music from Beyoncé. The song that gets ­everyone pumped up is the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Let’s Get It Started.’ We often catch each other dancing when Club Siebke is playing.” —Kendra Logan, sales manager, Siebke Hoyt Jewelers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“XM: Heart, Blend, Pulse, Spectrum, Watercolors, Cinemagic.” —Laura ­Stanley, vice president, ­Stanley ­Jewelers Gemologist, North Little Rock, Ark.

“We have playlists created by an ­outside music consultant. They mix all kinds of music, from ’80s to indie, pop, rock, R&B, lounge, world, even a little dance music. We have morning, daylong, and evening mixes—all designed to create an environment consistent with our brand.” —Jennifer­ Gandia, co-owner, Greenwich ­Jewelers, New York City

“We play CDs rather than a radio station—a lot of piano music, classical and modern, and sometimes we’ll put on old ’60s and ’70s pop music. Nothing rambunctious.” —Susie ­Bowers, owner, Bowers Jewelers, Huntington, Ind.

“We play [Sirius] XM Pops—it is a mix of classical, and from time to time they throw in something off-the-wall like Disney music or ­Indiana Jones.” —Ben Miller, sales agent, Lyons ­Jewelers, Bishop, Calif.

“We mostly listen to elevator music and lite jazz. We can never get a handle on what is energetic enough without being too loud or intrusive, versus music that is too calm and boring. We’re a 156-year-old store, and as of right now, most of our customers are baby boomers or older. So it is also a challenge trying to get music to please that age group as well as attracting a younger ­clientele.” —Jill Gretter, associate ­jeweler/social-marketing expert, Hands ­Jewelers, Iowa City, Iowa

“We use XM Radio and we change it by the day. The lite rock channels are popular. Today it’s rainy and dreary, so we’re playing music that’ll brighten up people’s moods. I’m a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, so my personal favorite channel is Radio Margaritaville.” —Joel Hassler, general manager, ­Rasmussen Diamonds, Racine, Wis.

“We like lite FM.” —Robert Bekdas, owner, La Belle Jewelry, Wayne, N.J.

“I like a real mix, current, ‘softer’ modern alternative (Bon Iver, ­Lady­hawk, Metric), jazz, and world. I use an iPod to create playlists that rotate through the week.” —Lee Krombholz, owner/president, Krombholz Jewelers, Cincinnati

“Radio station 96.9 The Eagle, which bills itself as a classic-rock station. It’s pretty much contemporary, with some lite rock from the ’80s and ’90s.” —Perry Roscoe, store manager, Allen’s Jewelers, Jacksonville, Fla.

“The ’70s on XM 7 Radio.” —Jay Mead, president, Mead ­Jewelers, Woodward, Okla.

“We use Sirius and vary between channel 33 ‘The Bridge,’ the ­Sinatra ­channel, the Broadway channel, and from time to time the Grateful Dead channel. We’re in Marin County, home of the Dead, so it’s acceptable. Well, I tell myself that.” —Jeffrey Cohn, general manager, Meadowlark Gallery, Corte Madera, Calif.