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The Diamond Proover II is a thermal probe and a reflectometer in a single instrument, enabling users to test moissanite as well as cubic zirconia, diamond, and other gemstones. The microprocessor-controlled device operates on battery or AC/DC currents and comes with a one-year warranty. BTR Inc., 52 Park Ave., Park Ridge, NJ 07656; (201) 391-5955, fax (201) 391-7247.

Quick-Sil two-part 0% shrinkage RTV putty for production silicone jewelry molds is available in a 2-lb. kit: 1 lb. of part A and 1 lb. of part B. The two parts are mixed together by hand and then pressed around the jewelry model in a mold frame. No vulcanizer is needed; even C-clamps on a heavy book will do, according to the company. Quick-Sil is suitable for direct casting of low-temperature metals such as pewter or tin. CASTALDO, 120 Constitution Blvd., Franklin, MA 02038; (508) 520-1666, fax (508) 520-2402.

The CMI 900 Series Instant Assay gold karat and precious metal analyzer is an X-ray fluorescence instrument using an advanced atomic physics algorithm. Liquid nitrogen is not required. In jewelry casting applications, it can provide an assay of the melt before casting or pouring, if desired. For distributors and retailers of finished goods, it can provide gold karat screening without fire assaying merchandise, enabling them to identify suspect underkarating. CMI International, 945 Busse Rd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007; (800) 678-1117 or (847) 439-4404, fax (847) 439-4425, www.cmiinternational.com.

An express casting process yielding designer-quality platinum, gold, and silver cuts production time to less than three hours, enabling clients to cast, polish, and set in the same day and ship special rush orders. The process reportedly results consistently in low porosity. Waico, 606 S. Hill St., Suite 1211, Los Angeles, CA 90014; (888) 489-7576 or (213) 489-7575, fax (213) 489-3366.

The AB-300-4 plastic injector is designed for high-volume injecting of plastic or wax patterns. The floor-model “sit-down” unit features a foot air-operated material hopper to free operator hands for faster handling of molds. The mold stop and the mold clamp are adjustable to accommodate various mold thicknesses. Injection, ejection, and clamping are adjustable on the front panel by electronic timers. The machine can be integrated into a product assembly line. Its design allows placement of the machine near assembly areas to avoid having to “batch mold” the parts. A.B. Machinery, 5475 Royalmount, #118, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4P 1J3; (514) 737-1660, fax (514) 737-9335, www.abmachinery.com.

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