Westchester Retailer Wilson & Son on Its Hall of Fame Success

Wilson & Son gives credit to generations of Westchester County clients

Last year, Wilson & Son was inducted into the Westchester County Business Hall of Fame for Family Business Success. It may not sound as glamorous as, say, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but it’s an honor that the Wilsons share with hometown neighbors PepsiCo, IBM, and Verizon. After the original store opened in Manhattan in 1905, the family settled in Scarsdale in 1932, opting for five expansions in the ensuing years rather than changing locations. The Mt. Kisco store welcomed customers in 2006, giving the Wilsons another chance to serve the community they’ve called home for four generations.

Family Lessons

Matt: Work hard, work smart, and never take anything for granted. 
Ira: I acquired my work ethic and dedication to the business, which I have often carried to excess, from my parents. For good or bad, I know this trait has been passed to all of our children.  
Matt: My family taught me to be patient and truly care about our clients’ needs, genuinely and unconditionally.

Scarsdale State of Mind

Matt: I feel a tremendous responsibility to continue providing the ­community not only with the service they have been accustomed to, but to seek new ways to exceed their expectations.
Ira: We genuinely care for our clients, celebrating life’s events from birth through marriage and beyond. We are involved in their interests, schools, clubs, and organizations. In return we enjoy multigenerational loyalty.
Mike: We have been fortunate to help our clients celebrate important milestones in their lives. We feel like we are part of their families, and they ours.

On the Job

Ira: After almost 60 years in the business, I’m just happy to be coming to work! On a serious note, I truly enjoy working with, teaching, and passing along the secrets of our industry that I have learned to our incredible staff.
Matt: Not knowing what to expect next is exciting. Retail is very unique; I have never experienced two days the same.

Growing the Business

Matt: I have seen an increased interest in mechanical and automatic watches over the last few years. Though we are living more and more in an electronic and technological world, it’s nice to know you have a little machine on your wrist that doesn’t need any more power than the movement of your body. The expansions and introductions of new mechanical timepieces from all of our brands—Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Bell & Ross, as well as David Yurman—have been extraordinary.
Mike: Bridal is emotional. Young bridal couples put a lot of importance on the touch and feel of bridal. That emotional connection with us and the rings as symbols of their love and commitment has made a big difference.
Ira: All segments of the business are growing, mostly because my wife, Lynne, and I were clever enough to have had Mike and Matt.