Welcome to the Show!: Publisher’s Letter, June 2015

Welcome to the June issue, the annual show issue for JCK Las Vegas! As always, this year’s edition reflects the excitement around the JCK show, with nearly 250 pages packed with terrific editorial and stunning ads. It follows fast on the heels of JCK’s May issue, which rocked a 330-page portfolio!

I’m so proud of the success of JCK. When I first took this position in 2004, there were five industry trades, each running thousands of ad pages annually. Despite the fact that JCK falls squarely into a trifecta of industries that have seen their share of challenges—trade publications, print magazines, and jewelry sold at independent retailers have all taken a hit in recent years—we are still here and still producing beautiful, vital, informative, and entertaining content.

O captain! During April’s AGS Conclave in New Orleans, Omi Gems’ Manos Phoundoulakis, Vic, and I had a memorable meal at August, one of the city’s classiest restaurants.

It’s all a testament to the team here, beginning with our amazing editor-in-chief, Victoria Gomelsky. All media products are only as strong as their editorial makeup, and Vic’s team regularly produces the best. It’s also a testament to our sales and marketing team, led by Donna Borrelli, and our production team as well (kudos to project manager Kim Corrigan).

It truly takes a village to produce these monster issues (not to mention eight additional issues of JCK, multiple supplemental publications, and all the print show products!). I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this crew. And many thanks, of course, to our advertisers and supporters. We couldn’t do it without you!

My spring travel season came to a close with a fantastic American Gem Society Conclave in New Orleans in April. Congrats to Ruth Batson and her team for a solid edition of this annual educational and inspirational event for the nation’s best retailers. I always find AGS to be one of the industry’s friendliest and most fun-filled events, and this year was no exception. The amount of concern and support for my son—who spent more than 20 days in the hospital earlier this year, all of which we shared on Facebook—was truly overwhelming. This industry really is one big family.

Of course, few cities are as entertaining as New Orleans, and The Big Easy delivered in every way. Highlights included an amazing dinner with Vic and Omi Gems’ Manos Phoundoulakis at August, a restaurant that manages to be luxurious in a modern, non-stuffy way, while still featuring old-school elements like crystal chandeliers and a captain (a captain!). Many of us were also lucky to be invited to Phyllis and Ira Bergman’s party in a hotel suite featuring a wraparound balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. (My bucket list got one item shorter, as I checked off “Throw beads down to Bourbon Street revelers from a balcony”!)

I’m sure many fun times will be had in Vegas this year too. And some amazing business will be had as well. I look forward to spending time with many friends from around the world. See you soon!

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