Web Site Promises Firsthand Info

Watchepedia.com, a Web site for watch companies and watch lovers to “share their passion for watches,” was launched in March by hr:Watches‘ former publisher, Joe Urich, and its former editor, Natalie Campisi.

Its purpose, they say, is to establish “straight-from-the-source information” online for the watch community and give people around the world access to the latest news and press releases on watches and other related goods.

The Tampa, Fla., company offers watch companies “the means to report on their watches firsthand” by offering each a complimentary company page, with the option of adding more pages.

Watch collectors are offered a forum and an individual complimentary profile page where they can post photos of their watch collections. They also can receive alerts when there is news about their favorite watch brands.

Watchepedia.com is intended to fill a gap left by watch brands’ Web sites. Campisi says that most of those are “beautiful and do a great job promoting their brand image, but they usually don’t offer a lot of information [about] specifications, prices, and even the latest models.

“Additionally, there are dozens of wonderful, but small, watch companies who simply lack the budget to promote [themselves] the way the larger brands do,” she adds. “Watchepedia is an even playing field for all watch companies. We simply want to get the information to the world in a quick and reliable manner.”