WDC Reiterates Support for Diamond Controls

Faced with another bump on the road to a rough diamond certification system, the World Diamond Council reiterated its support for rough controls at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas.

The WDC also voiced its support for the voluntary “chain of warranties” the industry is scheduled to adopt in November.

While both these points are obvious and not particularly newsworthy, sources say the statement was a signal to governments that the industry wants quicker action.

Right now, the WDC faces an array of challenges. Conflict diamond legislation is stalled in the Senate, and some feel the Bush administration is not pushing hard enough for diamond controls.

The WDC even felt the need to stress that it is the sole “representative of the whole diamond and jewelry industry”—another seemingly obvious point, but one that was included because of fears that European officials unhappy with the Kimberley Process might circumvent the WDC.

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