Vision Numeric Introduces Jewelry Design Software

Vision Numeric, a French company, announces the launch of 3DESIGN Jewel for designing and manufacturing 3D solids. The program enables new models to be easily created and trial versions to be made by rapid prototyping.

3DESIGN Jewel lets a designer create a complete range of articles in hours rather than days. Developed by CAD/CAM software vendor Type3, the software provides tools to model both surfaces and 3D solids. The assembly engine allows designs to be made easily by combining existing components such as rings, settings, stones, clasps, etc. Users have at their disposal a library of pre-determined, configurable components that can be permanently added to by each new creation. Assembly itself is parameter-based. Stone size can be altered, ring diameter can be adapted, and even the initial assembly parts can be modified.

The software then recalculates all subsequent steps and displays a new jewel.

When connected to a scanner, the software allows drawings, sketches, or photos to be uploaded, enabling work to be done directly on their contours with the software.

3DESIGN Jewel also provides tools for creating realistic output in the form of color images or animated 3D displays that can be shared via the Internet.

The context-sensitive “Help” function is written in an Internet-native language (Java), and “Help” files and examples can be updated each time the software is run.

Vision Numeric USA, 1835 Shackleford Court, Suite 320, Norcross, GA 30093; (770) 717-1122, fax (770) 717-1433, e-mail:,

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